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  • Date: Apr 03, 2014
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Wclock Download
Free Download Wclock

Wclock is a free, customisable, always-on-top world time clock. It stays on top of all your windows and shows the time at various locations around the world. It never shows in the icon tray or the taskbar. It just sits there and tells the time until you exit the program. It makes no changes to your system's time settings.

It is a simple Win32 executable file wclock.exe only 63 kB in size. It comes with a help file and a customisable time zone data base file.

Automatic Update Feature
The automatic update feature is actually a notification of update availability. You can set in your preferences to check once a day if an update is available (this literally exchanges a few bytes each way with our web server). We have designed this to be as inobtrusive as possible so there are no annoying pop-ups.

Rationale: Why yet another world time clock?
Yes, there are lots of other `world clocks' out there, some free, some not. Why on earth produce another? Well, it's purely self interest. We travel a lot between different cities in the world and find an "always-on-top" time display very useful.

Setting the correct clock time
Wclock does not attempt to correct your system clock. If you want a utility to correct your system's clock and make sure it's aligned to an accurate atomic clock, we heartily recommend Dimension 4, which we've used for several years on many different Windows systems without any problems whatsoever.

The following time zones are currently included:
* Adelaide * Almaty * Anchorage * Auckland * Bahrain * Baku * Bangkok * Beijing * Brisbane, QLD * Buenos Aires * Cairo * Caracas * Chicago * Dakar * Darwin, NT * Denver * Dubai * Eucla, WA * Hobart, TAS * Hong Kong * Honolulu * India * Istanbul * Jakarta * Johannesburg * Kamchatka * Katmandu * Lagos * London * Los Angeles * Mexico City * Moscow * Nairobi * New York * Paris * Perth * Phoenix * Port Moresby * Regina, SK * Santiago * Sao Paulo * Singapore * St Johns, NL * Sydney * Taipei * Tokyo * UTC (GMT)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this digital clock & timer software.

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