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  • Date: Jun 17, 2011
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Hello, everybody, do you have the same bad habit with me that store the personal and business information which are full of our life and work in our computer disorderly and unsystematic At least, I have had the awful habit! Sometimes I know that it must be somewhere in my computer, but good heavens, I forgot completely! I search my computer crazily, but I doubt whether there is miracle in the world, at least it didn't happen to me until now! So you know, at last, I sometimes lose my potential consumers just because I lost the contacts of them! That makes my heart break. Well, in the end, I think I must do something about it. I need a powerful and credible information manager, and it can't be complicated and must be formidable. Sounds a little strange But I found, that's WaspPad, which is the ideal solution to my bad habit!

First of all, what impressed me is that it's deceptively simple nature makes it very easy to use and it is incredibly powerful for individuals like me! It is like a tree control we edit. As we indent paragraphs they become the children of the paragraph above them and can be collapsed or expanded. Pictures, web links, check boxes and clipboard snippets can be imbedded. Paragraph indenting is core to the way Wasp Pad works. This simple sounding feature brings with it an awful lot of power. It is very useful to store lots of differences but related types of information in one document but only to show the stuff we are interested in at any time.

Anyway, I'm not very rich, I need something that is latest and can be compatible with my computer, you know, I have no more money to improve my computer to adapt to the software. So WaspPad gave me a surprise once again! It's a late-model product which was developed and distributed, by Significant Data Systems. It is compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems. There is no cost; no time limit; no limitations. All the features work as described in its help document. Nothing is disabled.

Second, it's very convenient to use. WaspPad supports its own native file format in which files will be saved by default. Text files can also be loaded and saved but web links and check-boxes will be lost when WaspPad document is saved as text. Paragraph indenting is more ambiguous when a text file, generated with some other tool, is loaded into WaspPad but if a file is saved as text from WaspPad and then reloaded the indenting information will be preserved. By default documents are saved is wasp pad files.

Your friends' personal information includes his personal cyber site Blog Want to insert a head picture into the file and make it more vivid How can we insert this kind of information into his document Don't be nervous, WaspPad supports almost any items which we can insert in it. Web links can be inserted in one of two ways. Firstly we can click on the point in the text where we want to insert the link and then click Insert/Web Link from the main menu. This will bring up a dialog where we can enter the URL and the text that will represent it in the document. Secondly we can drag a link from a browser. The link will be inserted where ever it is dropped. The representational text of a link can be edited just by changing it in the text but this will not change the underlying URL.

Pictures can be inserted into the text at the text cursor via the insert menu or using ctrl+p. Once inserted a picture can be scaled by dragging its bottom or right hand edge. We can view a picture at its original size by double clicking on it. Hitting any key or clicking on the enlarged picture restores the normal display. Check boxes are useful for lists where we want to record a simple on off state for items in a list. We can put as many checkboxes as we want in a paragraph. Check boxes are inserted by placing the text cursor where we want to insert the check box then selecting Insert/Check box from the main menu. There is often text in our documents which we frequently copy and paste into other applications. E.g. passwords. Such text, in WaspPad can be put into a "Clip". A clip appears as red text. When we clicks on it the hidden contents of the clip are copied to the clipboard. We can insert a clip into the text at the text cursor using the insert menu or hitting ctrl-I. Hey, look, I almost can't help saying so much about it! Don't you think that I have been very familiar with the software! The feeling of complishment is fantastic!!

Wanna print out the personal and business information WaspPad provides very powerful printing dialog with a lot of flexible options for us. Using the pages settings dialog we can chose to: Print the whole document; Print just the visible parts of the document; Hide or show the expanders. We can also use this dialog to set page orientation and margins. The page setting dialog is shown automatically when we use Print or Print Preview or it can be displayed at any time. What do you still want me to say Why don't you have a try on your own

At last, I still want to tell you some additional useful functions of WaspPad, including: Changing the font size for a single sub-list; zooming In and Out. Importing and exporting text; Undo and redo work for all operations; "Always on Top" mode; Search for text and much more!

I have said so much, that's really because I love it so much! Now, I can put the information in my computer in order easily! I have said goodbye to my past even though I still have the bad habit! ha ha, but I didn't lose any information anymore! That's a miracle to me, do you think so

WaspPad is like a tree control you can edit. As you indent paragraphs they become the children of the paragraph above them and can be collapsed or expanded. Pictures, web links, check boxes and clipboard snippets can be imbedded.
Most of the notes we make are hierarchical. That is, we make a main note then some lesser notes which relate to it. Often we then want to review just the main notes without the clutter of the minor points. Wasp pad achieves this goal by dynamically structuring the text that you type into a tree of paragraphs based on their indents which can then be minimized and maximized to produce the display you want.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this text editor software.

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