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Wake On Lan Tool 2 Download
Free Download Wake On Lan Tool 2

Wake On Lan Tool 2 (WOL2) is able to remotely switch on every Wake On Lan capable computer / device in a network you are connected to. WOL2 lets you wake a single host or a range of hosts.

How does WOL work?
Every computer in a network has a DNS name (the computers name in the network), an IP address (the computers address in the network) and a physical address (the MAC address of the network card).

A WOL capable computer has a network interface card (NIC) that always (even if the computer is powered down) listenes to the network traffic. This is indicated by blinking LEDs at the back of the computer even when its powered off.

If a special network packet (a magic paket) is recieved the NIC looks if the magic packet was send to its physical address (as the NIC does not know of the computer name or IP address) and if yes it powers on the computer.

In order to use WOL you need to enable the feature in the BIOS of the destination computer. Nowadays most computers come with WOL preeabled. If you think your Computer is not WOL enabled consult the mainboard manual. See how to enable "Wake On Lan", "Wake on PCI" or "Wake by Network".

Some older computers (<1999) may not support WOL at all.

In oder to user WOL over the Internet you will have to configure your router / VPN settings. The port used for sending the WOL UDP Broadcast is 7 (ECHO). Make sure that this port is routed to your local subnet broadcast address. Eg: if you use a class C network route the port 7 UDP to (You may also specify ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff as destination MAC.)

The Wake On Lan Tool is made for everyone. Beginners, advanced users and professionals. The design goals were simplicity, stability, portability and functionality. To whatever usergroup you belong to, the tool is designed to enable you to do what you want.

The WOL Tool 2 is delivered as a 7-Zip archive. To get things started you at first may want to extract this archive using the free 7-Zip archiver that is avaliable for many plattforms.

After extracting the archive start the WOL Tool 2 by double clicking on the WOL2.exe. If you're using Mac OS or GNU/Linux you will have to use WOL2.sh. If the tool does not start, please ensure that your system meets the System Requirements.

If the tool is running you will automatically see the main window. On the first run an empty file is created. Now you can use the 'New Host' button to add computers manually. Alternatively you may use the build in network scanner. After you have added all your hosts save the file using the 'Save File' button.

To wake, reboot or shutdown a host or a range of hosts select them and click the appropriate 'Wake', 'Reboot' or 'Shutdown' button. You may configure the options for shutdown and reboot using the options dialog.

Shutdown and reboot does currently only work on Windows machines.
You may also define a timer to let the WOL Tool 2 wake a host automatically. To do this choose the host from the list and click the 'Edit Timer' button to open the 'Edit Timer' window.

* NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this network utility software.

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