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  • Date: Jun 06, 2011
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WDFlow Download
Free Download WDFlow 1.15

WDFlow is a little piece of software aimed at doing one simple thing: allowing your Western Digital TV Live Hub to display the information related to a movie or a series. The TV Hub is a very good media player, but the process to get information (title, duration, overview, actors, directors, poster ) is cumbersome and doesn't work at all with TV series. WD Flow is there to help this out and make your TV hub a more pleasant experience as all your movies and series are clearly identified and illustrated by a poster (the movie poster or the series episode poster) and backdrops (the images that appear in the background).

The WD TV Live Hub uses a simple method to achieve that: each movie is associated with 2 files: an xml file and a jpg file. The xml file contains the relevant textual information about the movie and the location of the backdrops on the net. The jpg file is the movie poster or the episode poster. As an example, if your movie file is "Mission impossible.mkv", then you need two other files in the same directory on the WD TV Hub: "Mission impossible.xml" and "Mission impossible.jpg". This is exactly what WD Flow is doing.

WDFlow is getting the relevant information based on the identification of a movie or TV series. It uses a stepwise approach to first know what you are looking for and then retrieves the movie related data from the internet and writes down the 2 files (xml and jpg) in the same directory as your movie file.

* Java

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this movie collection software.

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