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  • Date: Jul 14, 2011
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WCD Drink Alarm Download
Free Download WCD Drink Alarm 1.0

This new handy app from WaterCoolersDirect.com provides you with a daily, personalised estimate of how much water you need to drink to keep hydrated.

Just by entering a couple of details, this easy-to-use app calculates how much water you should drink and then reminds you to drink your target amount throughout the day.

Use the estimator to ensure you drink your recommended amount and experience the health benefits of being hydrated!

Enter your weight, how many minutes of exercise you will be doing, the number of hours you want to monitor your intake for and select the type of glass, cup or bottle you will be using. Touch 'save' and the Drink Alarm will monitor your hydration. On the go? Touch the white arrows on the onitor and you can change the vessel that you are drinking out of accordingly. So simple, how refreshing.

The estimates and guidelines that are used in this app are based on the general amount that an average person should drink throughout any given period. It uses the following formula: Take the number of pounds you weigh and multiply by 2/3rds - that is the number of ounces that you should drink every day. Another 12 ounces of water should be added to that amount for every 30 minutes of exercise that you do.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this desktop reminder software.

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