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  • Date: Mar 14, 2018
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WAV to AC3 Encoder Download
Free Download WAV to AC3 Encoder 8.0

WAV to AC3 Encoder is an audio encoder which generates compressed audio streams based on ATSC A/52 specification. This type of audio is also known as AC-3 or Dolby Digital and is one of the audio codecs used in DVD-Video content. The program is a simple GUI for Aften A/52 audio encoder created by Justin Ruggles. WAV to AC3 Encoder project was started on 27th January 2007 by Wies aw olt s and is still maintained and actively developed.

Main Features:
1. High-quality output audio files.
2. Vary fast encoder.
3. Multi-threaded encoding.
4. Milti-channel file input.
5. Multiple-mono file input.
6. Advanved mux wizard.
7. Optimized for modern CPUs.
8. Small program size.
9. Load and save all program settings.
10. Load and save encoder presets.
11. Avisynth scripting support (Win32 only).
12. Full UNICODE and ANSI support.
13. Very simple to use.
14. Options for advanced users.
15. Sources available under GNU GPLv2 license.

WAV to AC3 Encoder has full UNICODE and ANSI support. The latest sources can be obtained through Subversion. The main developer of WAV to AC3 Encoder is Wies aw olt s.

How to config WAV to AC3 Encoder:
All confguration files are in plain text format. Each configuration file has different structure. Edit the files and check the sources to find out more about how this files are created. Each configuration file is automaticaly loaded/saved by program every time the program is started/closed.
Program configuration is stored in EncWAVtoAC3.config file.
Presets for encoder are stored in EncWAVtoAC3.presets file.
Paths to libaften.dll engines are stored in EncWAVtoAC3.engines file.

Until the Avisynth support will be added to WAV to AC3 Encoder you can use avs2raw tool to convert audio stream decoded by Avisynth using .avs scripts to audio files in RAW PCM or WAV PCM file format. Then you can load decoded .raw or .wav file to WAV to AC3 Encoder for encoding to .ac3 file.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this audio converter software.

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