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VoiceCom Download
Free Download VoiceCom 3.0.0

VoiceCom is a voice communication application for PCs. VoiceCom is designed for voice communication between PC VoiceCom applications (terminals) on local LAN.

VoiceCom behaves like a "push to talk" intercom. Once several (at least 2) VoiceCom applications on local LAN become aware of each other, the user can push and hold a key or a button corresponding to the desired remote VoiceCom terminal and start talking.

The voice is reproduced on the addressed remote VoiceCom terminal. When finished talking the user releases the key or the button.

VoiceCom supports communication with up to 6 terminals on local LAN. Each VoiceCom terminal can talk to any of the other VoiceCom terminal (point to point) or to all VoiceCom terminals at once (point to multipoint, broadcast voice announcement).

VoiceCom terminals autodetect each others presence on local LAN and display the remote VoiceCom terminal's names to the user for communication. The only user configurable parameter at the start is the local VoiceCom terminal's name. This is entered by the user only once on each VoiceCom terminal.

Example of VoiceCom use scenario is a software house intercom system between different rooms or areas of the house (Each VoiceCom terminal could be named by the user as for example: "Bedroom", "Kitchen", "Office", "Lounge", "Garage".

VoiceCom Features:
1. Push to talk voice communication between up to 6 PCs on the LAN
2. Address and talk to an individual terminal or talk to all (broadcast)
3. Auto detect VoiceCom terminals on the LAN

Quick Start Guide
1. Start VoiceCom
2. On first start if local terminal's name is not configured, you will be asked to provide the terminal's name. Enter the name by which this terminal will be identified and be seen on other terminals, for example "Office" or "Kitchen".
3. Repeat the same steps 1 to 2 on other VoiceCom terminals on other PCs on your LAN (Up to 6 terminals are supported)
4. VoiceCom terminals detect each other's presence on the LAN and display remote terminal names within buttons.
5. To talk to a specific remote VoiceCom terminal, click and hold the button with the name of that terminal and talk. The voice should be heard on remote VoiceCom terminal's PC speakers. Alternatively you can push and hold a numeric key on the keyboard which corresponds to the remote terminal.
6. To talk to all VoiceCom terminals either click and hold "Talk to All" button or push and hold "0" key and talk.
7. Whenever a user at remote VoiceCom terminal talks to your VoiceCom terminal, you hear the voice sent from remote terminal on local VoiceCom PC's speakers.

* Windows compatible PC with microphone and speakers
* It is possible to run VoiceCom without microphone (only to receive voice) or without speakers (only to send voice) but not without both
* PC must be connected to local network

* Reminder screen on startup
* Evaluation is time limited to 3 days

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $62.62, you can free download and get a free trial.

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