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  • Date: May 29, 2013
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VoiceAttack Download
Free Download VoiceAttack 1.3.7

VoiceAttack will take commands that you speak into your microphone and turn them into a series
of keyboard key presses (and do other things like launch programs!).

VoiceAttack is designed to make games and applications more fun to use by adding your voice as an extra controller (by that, we mean pwn your buddies without taking your hands off your keyboard and mouse).

You can preview a limited trial of VoiceAttack FREE for 21 days.

To keep things simple, were going to assume that you are working with the trial version of VoiceAttack, and this is your first time running VoiceAttack on this computer. If your microphone is on and the input volume of your microphone is properly set, you should see VoiceAttacks Level bar moving when you speak. If the Level bar is not moving, VoiceAttack cant hear you.

Notice that VoiceAttack is pretty much not recognizing anything you say. This is good, because we have not added any commands to the profile. Click the Edit button to view the commands for this profile.
What is a command? A command is simply a word or phrase you are going to say to VoiceAttack. When VoiceAttack recognizes the command that you say, it will perform a series of actions (which can be keyboard key presses, application launches, pauses, application terminations, etc).

Notice that VoiceAttack has a set of commands already set up for demonstration purposes. You can edit and/or remove all of these items. Lets try one out! Hit the, Cancel button to go back to the Main screen. Now, you must speak into your microphone. Say the word, Calculator.

If everything is lined up right (microphone is on, you have adequate volume and your speech recognition engine is trained up), you should see the Windows calculator on your screen. Now say, Close Calculator. The calculator should now be closed.

* Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine 5.1 for XP users
* NET Framework 3.5
* Microphone

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $8.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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