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  • Date: Feb 25, 2010
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Software Tools for SCSI/FC/iSCSI/SAS Device Testing, Visual SCSI Explorer application runs on the Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista operating system platforms and is intended for people who deal with SCSI devices. Application functional interface is optimized for Medium Changer SCSI device. Raw CDB feature allows user to execute any SCSI command for SCSI device of any type.

One can rescan all SCSI buses of selected adapter and application dynamically adds newly connected devices and removes disconnected ones. One can execute SCSI commands manually using menu commands. During manual execution of SCSI command one can specify different values for command parameters if command has ones. In manual mode all commands are being executed asynchronously. It means that it is possible to queue several SCSI commands for certain device and they will be executed serially in the same order.
It is possible to run JScript or VBScript scripts for each device. It is possible to run several scripts for single device or for different devices at the same time. Scripting simplifies complex test procedures. If application does not originally support some vendor specific types of command parameters, special scripts could be written to parse vendor specific command data formats.
Process of command execution is displayed in log window that can be show in docked state. If command transfers data, it is possible to log binary dump and to parse certain types of command data. Each device has its own log. Log window displays log data for currently selected device. If script puts trace message during its execution, this messages is also displayed in log window.
Raw CDB application feature allows user to execute theoretically any SCSI command manually or from script. It is possible to make invalid CDB, when one or more reserved bits are set to non-zero values.

Visual SCSI Explorer Features:
1. Representation of adapter-device tree and adapter/device properties.
2. Ability to rescan SCSI bus of selected adapter and immediate update of device list.
3. Manual and automated (scripting) modes of SCSI command execution.
4. Ability to execute SCSI commands in asynchronous mode and to queue several commands for each device.
5. SCSI-2 command set support.
6. Raw CDB support for manual and automated (scripting) SCSI command modes.
7. Shared SCSI command set support for manual and automated (scripting) SCSI command modes.
8. Medium Changer SCSI command set support for manual and automated (scripting) SCSI command modes.
9. Ability to run JScript and VBScript SCSI scripts.
10. Ability to run several scripts in parallel for single or multiple devices.
11. Detailed logging of various types of information during SCSI command execution and ability to save log data to text file. Each device has its own message log.
12. Text editor for script editing.
13. Hardware configuration and log windows can be switched between child window and docking view modes.

Installation instructions:
1. Download ZIP archive to a local folder.
2. Unzip and run the setup.exe file.
3. Follow the instructions of installation wizard.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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