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VISUAL PLANNING represents a board containing rows, icons and colours. Manage and organize your projects with this useful software. Visual Planning is a fully customizable software, and can be adapted to your needs (such as managing your teams, customers, resources, projects, machines and equipment, work sites, etc.).

Visual Planning gets its inspiration from wall chart schedules and uses these for its overall presentation and "manual" management of events.
Visual Planning meets businesses planning and operating management needs. It enables work groups to manage and monitor in real time, resources, teams, customers etc. It therefore becomes the control panel for the activities of your business.

1. Events are created by dragging and dropping icons and colours on the calendar rows,
2. Numerous information can be linked with each event : comments, forms, values, documents
3. Specific functions allow to repeat periodical events, paste, cut, copy
4. Automatic links can be made between events,
5. Constraints can be used to control the legal or operational use of resources.

Powerful management functions
1. Multiple views of the same planner (e.g. : inverted view,...),
2. Numerous filters to sort and select information,
3. Statistics and management indicators,
4. Selection on multiple criteria (for instance : What type of vehicles will be available in London during two days next week ?).

Analysis and audit
1. Valuations : costs, earnings, time...
2. Statistics : statistic analysis of durations, tasks, workloads , according to your own criteria,
3. Customized management indicators including overload alerts.

1. Imports and exports in the main existing formats (Excel, Word,...),
2. Links with other software products or other applications (payrolls, invoicing, human resources...).

1. Graphical planning boards printouts,
2. Lists of tasks sorted by persons, resources,

Visual Planning Features:
1. Visual Planning can be totally customised. It has been chosen by several thousands of businesses from all sectors and all sizes.
2. You will be able to manage simultaneously, according to your needs, your teams, customers, projects, resources etc.

Ease of use on a daily basis:
1. Its graphical interface displays an immediate visual summary of information. Its use of icons and drag & drop technology make it intuitive and easy for anyone to use.
2. Despite its large number of functions, Visual Planning, once set up, is used for the most part by dragging icons with the mouse and occasionally displaying a new view by clicking in a list.
3. Visual Planning is used everyday by people with no IT experience.

Shared use:
1. All users (local or remote) connected to a Visual Planning server can view or modify concurrently the same shared planner.
2. A module named GDU, for Gestion des Droits Utilisateurs, or User Rights Management, enables to define and restrict each users access to various planners, both for reading (confidentiality) and in writing (security).

Decision-making assistance:
1. Selection filters, defined according to your criteria, can be called via a simple mouse click: you can thus search for resources having the characteristics and availability necessary for a required task.
2. You can also assign numerical values to tasks according to your own criteria, then calculate in real time work costs, revenue and workload in order to monitor your budgets analyse the work load, the days off, etc.
3. The reporting and statistics functions enable you to display all sorts of pivot tables analysing your activities, then print out and use these tables. Indicators (control totals) displayed on the planner, allow you to calculate instantly the consequences of your planning.
4. An inverted planner is also available via a simple click: e.g. if you plan to assign staff to certain jobs, you can either view the staff planner or the progress of the jobs in hand.
5. Links between events and constraints increase the power and security of using Visual Planning.

Several operating platforms:
1. It connects directly to Access, SQL-Server, MySQL, Oracle databases.
2. The Visual Planning range of products includes a network version which can be deployed in LAN or WEB modes (identical functionalities), as well as viewer licences which only allow data to be viewed.
3. These versions allow flexible shared use, in local or wide area networks.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR550.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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