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Simplify project performance monitoring and reporting. VisiTrend is a reporting, analysis and data visualization application for Microsoft Project that enables project managers and stakeholders to easily:
1. Understand and communicate key project information
2. Rapidly generate and share graphical and tabular reports
3. Identify performance bottlenecks and overall trends

VisiTrend is an easy-to-use MS Project add-in that offers you more than 85 charts and reports for project managers. With VisiTrend, project managers can easily monitor performance trends using Earned Value and Agile metrics, track costs, identify critical path tasks and resources, and communicate status to stakeholders more clearly and easily.
VisiTrend incorporates best-practice data visualization techniques in its charts, and provides one-click access to most formatting functions for customization. Charts and reports are exportable in multiple formats, making them easy to incorporate into documents, websites or emails
VisiTrend Features:
Ease of Use
1. VisiTrend is fully integrated with Microsoft Project and is accessed via a button on the toolbar
2. An efficient ribbon based interface makes formatting charts and dashboards simple and easy

Customizable Graphics
1. Apply any of 12 built in color palettes and styles with a single click
2. Hide or show selected series, axes and grid lines
3. Add Pareto or cumulative series to column charts
4. Customize legends with statistical values
5. Create your own default style and have it applied automatically

Interactive Charting & Reporting
1. Analyze project data at daily, weekly or monthly levels
2. Zoom and scroll time-phased data to view just the period you need
3. Reports automatically highlight key information such as critical path, late, slipping and overbudget tasks
4. Sort reports by column to highlight areas most important to you

Easily Share Reports
1. Save tabular reports in Excel or PDF formats for sharing with others
2. Copy charts for pasting into documents and emails with just a click
3. Save charts in any of 5 image formats for use in other applications

Increase Productivity
1. Stop wasting time wrestling with spreadsheets and other workarounds
2. Get the information you need in seconds
3. Standardize your project reporting formats

Save Money
1. Identify and correct project issues before they escalate into costly rework efforts
2. Generate charts and reports quickly, without the need for costly developer resources

Communicate Clearly
1. Produce graphics that communicate status clearly and quickly
2. Share tabular reports that provide critical metrics in easy to read format.

Understand Root Cause
1. Know what's going on in the project, and why
2. Apply corrective measures and trend the results over time

Deliver Better Project Results
1. Knowing what's going on, when and why, assists in keeping your projects on track and meeting your stakeholder's expectations

Earned Value Charts
12 charts covering the entire range of EVM metrics including PV, EV, AC, CPI, SPI, CV, CV%, SV, SV%, BAC, EAC, and TCPI. As an added bonus, we've added resource level EVM charts.

Cost Charts
18 charts including S-Curve, variance in dollars and percent, costs by time period, at summary and task level and by cost type.

Resource Charts
16 charts covering resource workload, contribution to critical path tasks, and actual vs. baseline variance.

Schedule Charts
12 charts providing schedule variance from multiple perspectives including actual vs. baseline and Baseline Execution Index.

Agile Charts
2 work burndown charts for Project.

6 Built in Dashboards
Our dashboards combine 4 related charts into a single view to enable you to convey a concise summary of project performance information from multiple perspectives.

* MS Project

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