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  • Date: Nov 18, 2008
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Virtual CAT Download
Free Download Virtual CAT 1.6

Virtual CAT is a software to virtualize removable medias such as CDs, DVDs, ZIps, USB Keys, allowing the user to browse and search for folders and files without the need to have the medias inserted in the drive.

Who needs this software ?
Virtual CAT is aimed to people who have a large amount of files stored in medias such as CDs and DVDs and needs a tool to catalog and search this files. Who needs to answer questions like: How can i find that java e-book that i downloaded last year in my 1153 DVD collection ? If you have difficult in finding your files, you needs Virtua CAT

The greatest about Virtual CAT's technology is the fastest search on the market. While other catalogers take minutes to search hundreds of thousands of files, Virtual CAT take only seconds (fractions of seconds in most cases), thanks to an advanced search engine and a file structure optimized for fast search. The program does not only catalog the files but is capable of extracting file content to catalog as well like compresed files (Zips,Rars, etc), DVD Images (ISO) , MP3 Tags (Artist, Album,etc..) and text previews of NFO and TXT.

Plug-in Oriented Arquitecture
The content extraction engine was designed using a plug-in oriented arquitecture. With this technology, it is very easy to add new file formats. The only thing needed is writing a single DLL to process the file and return the content. Thanks to this arquitecture, not only Manfrasoft can make plug-ins, but any developer with programming skills can write plug-ins for Virtual CAT.

1. Automatically catalogs medias files and folders.
2. Visualization of folders and files like windows explorer
3. Catalogs content of ZIP, RAR and ISO Files (more to come)
4. Catalogs content of NFO, DIZ and Readme.txt Files to view them off-line
5. Catalogs MP3 Tags
6. Locate Files and Folder quickly
7. Extremely fast. Search hundreds of medias in fractions of second.
8. Extensible by the use of plugins ( SDK available soon)
9. Very easy and intuitive to install and use.
10. lots of more..

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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