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Visualise and manage your time. Viewtimer is a desktop timer application that allows you to vizualise your time. It can be used as a countdown timer, stopwatch or clock. But it can do more than most timer applications.
1. Cooking complex meals where timing is everything
2. Setting your excercise regime
3. Delivering a presentation within an allotted time

You can save any number of timers to reuse whenever you need them. You can set an series of alarms to go off at a fixed time of the day or at specified times during a countdown. The alarms can play sounds of your choice, display a message or even change the colours of the display acting like a traffic light for when your time is nearly up.

Viewtimer can be used for a wide range of time based activities. It has 3 modes: * countdown timer * stopwatch * clock

The modes can be run simultaneously. In addition you can set any number of alarms for a fixed time in the day, or at a specific time during countdown. An alrm can do the following:
1. play a chosen sound
2. display a chosen message
3. change the colour of the progress and message displays

Typical uses:
1. Visualising time left during a talk. You could start with green, change the colour to amber near the end and red when you have overrun
2. Managing your time. Setting alarms for fixed times of the day with a message as a reminder of what you need to do next.
3. Following a complex recipe where timing is crucial to getting everything ready to serve up at the right time.
4. Controlling your exercise regime, switching from activity to the next.

Viewtimer allows you to save as many different timers as you need, so once you have set up a timer you can save it and call it up whenever you need it. You can also change the look by selecting a different theme.

* Java

* 5 uses trial

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $10.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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