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  • Date: Apr 15, 2020
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Vietspider is a complete web extraction and automation suite. It has a simple wizard-driven interface for common tasks, but has much more advanced functionality than our competitors.
The web crawler is a program that automatically traverses the web by downloading the pages and following the links from page to page. A general purpose of web crawler is to download any web page that can be accessed through the links.
This process is called web crawling or spidering. Many sites, in particular search engines, use spidering as a means of providing up-to-date data. Web crawlers are mainly used to create a copy of all the visited pages for later processing by a search engine that will index the downloaded pages to provide fast searches. Crawlers can also be used for automating maintenance tasks on a website, such as checking links or validating HTML code. Also, crawlers can be used to gather specific types of information from Web pages, such as harvest ing e-mail addresses (usually for spam).
A web crawler is one type of bot, or software agent. In general, it starts with a list of URLs to visit, called the seeds. As the crawler visits these URLs, it identifies all the hyperlinks in the page and adds them to the list of URLs to visit, called the crawl frontier. URLs from the frontier are recursively visited according to a set of policies.

Vietspider Features:
* Web Spider / Web Crawler
* Implement web 3.0 crawler, Website Parse Template, concept
* Advanced but easy to use interface
* Built-in web browser
* Balancing the html tag automatically
* Support some javascript
* Data Cleansing and Transformation
* Proxy and Multi-threaded is configurable per website
* The crawler can handle a large volume of websites, it is designed to mine thousands of domain names
* Crawler can be run as an linux/window service and administrate remotely by the crawler client
* Many built in plugins such plugin to synchronize data with joomla, drupal...
* Support many popular database like MYSQL, MS SQL, ORACLE...
* Support Window, Linux and Mac operating systems

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this offline browser software.

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