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  • Date: Apr 20, 2017
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Vanga Rengi Mangaro is a tool that will replace your Windows's file open, save and folder dialogs. Vanga Rengi Mangaro is a project application that will replace Windowss default file open, save and folder selector dialogs, which are exported functions from comdlg32.dll with Filesystem Dialogss.
madCodeHook is used to hook the dialog calls system wide. Its much safer and cleaner to use the librarys direct interfaces as it uses API hooking techniques to patch every process.

You should always download the newest FilesystemDialogs.dll to have the recent version of it! You should put it to: .../Windows/System32/ (rename the previous one if cant be deleted before).

If you have a problem with an application, try using the default Windows dialog (button in the upper-right corner), if it doesnt work out still, close the application and use the pop-up menu of the tray icon to set exclusion for the particular application, or use the quick: "Filesystem Dialogs in /System32/" (renames - disables - the .dll to "...WindowsSystem32FilesystemDialogs.dll_") start the application, do what you wanted, close the program, restore the file name with this menu option.

Vanga Rengi Mangaro Features:
1. All window/column position/size (sorting) settings are saved for every application and/or you can choose to always use your favourite dialog settings
2. Very hiqh quality thumbnail mode (that supports much more formats then the Windows dialog, and displays audio files Taged with ID3v2 and containing SESC frame)
3. Option to cache the thumbnails on a per folder basis (like the Windows dialogs Thumbs.db just with a little bit better quality and with audio file support)
4. If bass.dll is found audio thumbnails are generated from all formats that BASS supports
5. FreeImage.dll is supported also (adds many more formats)
6. Recent document list on a per-application basis (favorite feature) available with one click
7. Recent folder list, that you can acces very quickly
8. Customizable favorite folders list
9. Drag&Drop
10. Implements by far the best folder selector (with recent and favourite list)
11. Automatically decodes URL encoded filanames and underscores ("Man on_Mars.jpg" -> "Man on Mars.jpg")
12. Viewer for pictures/images & an integrated web browser for the rest of the files (and a secondary display viewer mode for dual display setups)

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is EUR25.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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