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    Instant Messenger
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Vacuum-IM is a cross-platform Jabber client, it provide you with a simple means of getting in touch with your friends.
The core program is just a plugin loader - all functionality is made available via plugins. This enforces modularity and ensures well defined component interaction via interfaces.
1. Several independent profiles
2. Multiple accounts in one profile
3. Nested roster groups
4. Support JID escaping
5. Storage of history both locally and on the server, with the possibility of replication of history from the server to your computer
6. Agreed off save messages (mode OTR)
7. Full support for Jabber conferences
8. Create a bookmark at the conference with the possibility autologin
9. Support for CAPTCHA form, with the possibility of transmission without the use of browser
10. A few named windows with tabs for chats and conferences
11. Support for Adium message styles
12. Animated Emoticons (using Adium style)
13. Notifications of activity of the user in the chat
14. Automatic change of transport with preservation of names, groups, subscriptions and archive messages
15. Lists of privacy, with the possibility of ignoring or setting in invisible mode for individual contacts and groups
16. Multi-stage automatic change of status depending on the time of inactivity
17. Ability to set different status icons for individual contacts, and groups of contacts are connected through transport
18. Support for avatars with the ability to specify a contact an arbitrary image as an avatar
19. Ability to add annotation to contact

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this instant messenger software.

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