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Edit your text with this handy text editor. The Update Tree is a text editor with advanced find and replace features, backup and restore features, the ability to store code blocks, drag and drop capabilities, tabbed interface, logging features, and more.

1. Text Editor
Update Tree provides all the basic text editing functions in a tabbed format.

2. Drag and Drop
The drag and drop functionality.

3. Find and Replace
Update tree has the ability to find or replace a string of text consisting of one or more words.

4. Search Analyzer
The Search analyzer provides you with detailed information about a search in a directory, or a directory and its subdirectories. It does so by providing you with more search options, along with the text and location of every instance of the search string it finds.

5. Extension Approvals
Approved file extensions can be added and removed, allowing the user to target specific file types during find and replace operations.

6. Code Blocks
Improve rapid development by categorizing and storing user-defined blocks of code, such as script templates or commonly used code. The user can simply right-click in a document, or click the Edit menu, to insert a block of code.

7. Root Directories
Each script folder can be added as a root directory to make search and backup operations faster.

8. Data Store
The Data Store allows you to specify the locations of:
* Archived logs
* Backups
* Code blocks
* Documents
* UpdateTree.log

9. Other Settings
Allows the user to define tab spacing for the application, as well as delete behavior, e.g., whether to permanently delete files or send them to the recycle bin.

10. Backup and Restore
Allows the user to backup or restore script directories.

11. Application Backup and Restore
Allows you to backup or restore Update Tree. You have the choice of whether to backup all application data or individual items, such as configuration files, logs, code blocks, or backups.

12. Event Log
Enables you to view the following actions that were performed by the user.

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this text editor software.

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