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Unsurrogater Download
Free Download Unsurrogater

Unsurrogater is a powerful utility that allow you to search & manage duplicate files. Easily find and manage duplicate files.

Unsurrogater have tow version, Basic version ($15.95) and Professional version ($29.95).
Basic Features:
1. Search Duplicate Files
Search for duplicate files across physical & logical Drives
2. Create Search Jobs
Create multiple Duplicate Search Jobs
3. Run multiple Jobs (Professional version)
Ability to simultaneously run multiple jobs
4. Job Categories
Arrange Jobs in Categories which themselves can be nested indefinitely
5. Job History (Professional version)
Ability to store information about each Job executions based on Timestamp
6. Keyboard Shortcuts
Configurable Keyboard Shortcuts
7. Pause Jobs
Ability to pause running jobs
8. Application Skins
Supports skinning engine
9. Auto Update
Automatically keeps the application updated

Auto Marking:
1. Mark/Unmark Duplicates
Mark/Unmark duplicates of the selected file
2. Mark Old/New Copies
Mark Old/New copies in duplicate set(s)

File Actions:
1. Delete Files
Delete files (Recycle Bin or Permanently)
2. Copy/Move Files
Copy/Move marked files to a location
3. Open File
Open a file with the default editor
4. Open Location
Opens the directory containing the file
5. File Properties
Show explorer properties for a file
6. Shell Menu
Show explorer context menu for a file
7. Archive (Professional version)
Save disk space by putting files into a zip file and deleting the copies
8. Replace By NTFS Hard Links (Professional version)
Save disk space by replacing copies with NTFS Hard Links

1. Name Filter
Filter files/directories by name (Regex supported as well)
2. Extension Filter
Filter files by extensions. Extension groups are configurable and reusable across jobs
3. Size Filter
Filter files by size
4. Date/Time Filter
Filter files by creation or modified time
5. Attribute Filter
Filter files by attributes

Search Engine:
1. Name Search
Match duplicates based on name and size
2. Synonym Search (Professional version)
Match duplicates based on synonyms from a thesaurus file
3. Content Search
Search duplicates based on MD5 and CRC Hashes
4. Hard Links (Professional version)
Ability to ignore NTFS Hard Links which don't consume disk space

Result Operations:
1. Hierarchial Display
Duplicate files are grouped hierarchically for easy navigation
2. Preview Files (Professional version)
Preview duplicate files inside the application
3. Filter Results
Filter results based on name, attribute, size and modification time
4. Save Reports
Save reports in XML/HTML Format

Please Note: this program can not support Windows 7 (64bits)

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $15.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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