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  • Date: Nov 02, 2010
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    Information Management
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Universal Inbox is a universal solution, one place to store all of your content. It allows you to store the information you need by contact, topic, or anything you like. It is a productivity and organizational tool as well. It offers a modern interface, with an completely Internet based architecture.
As a service, Universal Inbox gives the users the ability to have a central repository for all their communication needs and a single place to store all important information.

Universal Inbox Features:
1. Dashboard Start Page - Can be customized to display any information stored in Dashboard.
2. Calendar - Allows you to set up meetings and view them in a daily, weekly or monthly format.
3. Contact Manager - Organize contacts and keeps track of all communications relating to that contact.
4. Database Manager - View database objects and run queries in systems such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access and DB2.
5. My Files - Private area for users who wish to store important files online. Embedded viewer allows inline viewing of popular media formats.
6. Forum - Discussion tool for users to have threaded conversations.
7. Favorites - Store important links in a central repository so you can get to it from any browser or computer.
8. File Explorer - Different from the My Files module. The File Explorer module allows you to view the entire file system on the server hosting Dashboard. Allows you to upload, modify and delete files on the server.
9. FTP Client - FTP component for connecting to external FTP sites.
10. Journal - Keep track of important information with contacts. This module can also be extended to provide blog capabilities.
11. Mail Client - Full featured mail client that allows you to retrieve messages from POP3, IMAP, Hotmail & Gmail Servers.
12. Notes - Store important pieces of information in one place. "Sticky" option allows notes to be displayed on the dashboard.
13. Remote Control - Connect to any accessible server via Remote Desktop, PC Anywhere or VNC.
14. Reports - Build and display custom reports easily using our charting tools.
15. RSS Reader - Keep track of all your RSS feeds. Display important feeds on your dashboard and see a scrolling list of headlines in the news panel at to the bottom of the screen.
16. Stock Quotes - Keep up to date on your stocks and view detail information on each.
17. Task Manager - Keep track important tasks and to-do items.

* Adobe AIR

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this information management software.

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