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VoIP based PBX and CAll center. Unite PBX for Skype provides all features you expect in a commercial grade enterprise PBX system. If you are looking for improving business communications and at the same time keeping the costs low then Unite PBX is the best choice for you. It is built on top of Skype which is proven to be the best choice for VoIP-based communication with free Skype-to-Skype calls and attractive low calling rates to landlines and cell phones around the world. Unite PBX application replaces the cumbersome implementation and up gradation of the hardware and software that is generally needed in the traditional PBX systems.

Unite PBX Features:
1. 100% Software based
2. No expensive PBX hardware to buy, maintain and support since Unite PBX is 100% software based.
3. Powered by Skype
4. Unite PBX is built on top of Skype which has already proven reliable VoIP communication medium. Using Skype provides unique advantage of location independence and the user can sign in from anywhere in the world and take/make calls.
5. Auto-Attendant
6. The auto-attendant is a central part of the Unite PBX. This part of the system initially answers the incoming calls, which eliminates the need for a full-time receptionist. The callers calling hear a custom greeting, extension but in case if they don't know the extension our system can help them along for routing their calls.
7. Welcome Greeting
8. The custom voice greeting is heard by the callers when the auto-attendant answers incoming calls. This can be customized greeting as per your business need. Unite PBX provides the facility to record the exact custom greeting you want the callers to hear.
9. Multiline/Line Ganging Support
10. Unite PBX can handle multiple incoming/outgoing calls in real-time using the multiline feature. This feature allows making use of Single/Multiple Skype ID to be used to open multiple lines to handle multiple calls at the same time. It is very easy to add/open the multiple lines for scalability in real-time according to volumes of calls.
11. Direct Extension Dialing
12. This function allows the calls to be routed directly to an extension without going through the auto-attendant or hearing a greeting if the caller dials the desired extension.
13. Virtual Extensions with Location Independence
14. All the commercial PBX systems only allow assigning extensions to only physical telephones. Employees have to be at their phones to receive calls. Using Unite PBX, the extension numbers can be your employees Skype ID, his cell phone number, satellite phone, VoIP phone or physical desk phone. The calls are routed in real time to selected option. These virtual extensions provide much sought after advantage of location independence and your employees can answer the call from anywhere using their Skype ID, Cell phone or Satellite phone.
15. Voicemail Extensions
16. Voicemail extensions are used when you want that callers should receive have callers receive a specialized pre-recorded message, but you don't want anyone to answer the phone and instead record their message.
17. Advanced Voicemail Features
18. Unite PBX comes with multiple options to receive your voicemail messages which assures that you'll never miss on those important calls. It comes with unique features such as Personalized Greetings, and SMS/Email/Chat Notifications for voicemails.
19. Advanced Call Conferencing
20. Unite PBX comes with built-in Call Conferencing which removes the need for complicated third party conferencing services which are very costly. Managing conference call is very easy and you can add people to conference by dialing their Skype ID, cell phone number or physical phone number.
21. Call Recording and Quality Monitoring

Save money. Unlike most phone systems, with Unite PBX there is no equipment to buy and no up-front cost. Just like Skype, Unite PBX is a service instead of an expensive piece of hardware. PBX systems usually require you to run wires between phones and connect to a central system. Unite PBX works "virtually" with any phone, in any location and without the added expense of installation, maintenance, or upgrades.

Get better quality. Unite PBX provides excellent call quality since it is built on top of proven Skype VoIP platform. Unite PBX can handle incoming calls from any phone including landline, mobile, VoIP phones or from another Skype user. All functions of the Unite PBX are available on the incoming call, regardless of the device the call originated from. Similarly, Unite PBX can transfer and deliver calls directly to other landline, mobile, VoIP phones or Skype users with less cross-over between systems, you get less static, fewer dropouts, and happier callers.

Get special deals. Using Unite PBX, you can continue to enjoy the special deals which Skype provides to its existing or new customers.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $49.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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