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  • Date: Nov 21, 2013
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    Email Recovery
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Free Download UnDBX 0.21

UnDBX - Tool to extract, recover and undelete e-mail messages from Outlook Express .dbx files.There's no installer or setup program. Simply extract the distribution .zip file to some folder.
You should end up with several files/icons in that folder:
1. the UnDBX executable undbx.exe
2. the UnDBX HTML application undbx.hta, which serves as its graphical user interface
3. this README in HTML format
4. the GPL v3 license (COPYING)

On first invocation all messages will be extracted as individual .EML files. Subsequent invocations will only update the output directory: .EML files that do not correspond to messages in the .DBX file will be treated as deleted messages and will be deleted from the disk.

Furthermore, only new messages, that do not correspond to files on disk, will be extracted from the .DBX file. UnDBX was written to facilitate fast incremental backup of .DBX files. UnDBX can open corrupted .dbx files and .dbx files that are larger than 2GB, but, depending on how bad the damage is, it may not be able to extract messages from such files.

Just double-click either of the undbx icons that you've extracted from the distribution .zip file. A simple dialog box should appear.
If you hit the Extract! button in the dialog box, UnDBX will extract e-mail messages (as individual .eml files), from all of the .dbx files in the Outlook Express storage folder, to corresponding sub-folders on the Desktop.
The same dialog box also lets you browse and select other input and output folders, and optionally enable recovery mode for corrupted .dbx files.

* Outlook Express

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this email recovery software.

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