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  • Version: 24.10
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  • Date: May 25, 2017
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Free Download UltraEdit 24.10

UltraEdit is a powerful Text, HEX, HTML, PHP and programmer`s editor with Code Folding, integrated spell checker, drag and drop, full HEX editing capabilities, configurable syntax highlighting, column editing, Unicode Find/Replace, Perl compatible regular expressions, customizable toolbars and many other features. UltraEdit uses disk based text editing and allows for editing of files in excess of 4GB.

UltraEdit is a powerful disk-based text editor, programmer's editor, and hex editor that is used to edit HTML, PHP, javascript, Perl, C/C++, and a multitude of other coding/programming languages. UltraEdit can handle and edit files in excess of 4 gigabytes. An industry award winning application, UltraEdit includes a free trial period so users may try the fully functional application before buying a license.

Key text editing features
1. Code Folding
2. Supports 64-bit file handling (standard) on all 32-bit Windows platforms
3. Unicode support
4. Disk based text editing and large file handling - supports files in excess of 4GB, minimum RAM used even for multi-megabyte files
5. Mulitline find and replace dialogs for all searches (Find, Replace, Find in Files, Replace in Files)
6. 100,000 word spell checker, with foreign languages support (American English, British English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Swedish)
7. Syntax highlighting - configurable, pre-configured for C/C++, VB, HTML, Java, and Perl, with special options for FORTRAN and LaTex. Multiple wordfiles available for download
8. FTP client built in to give access to FTP servers with multiple account settings and automatic logon and save. (32-Bit Only) Includes support for SFTP (SSH2)
9. SSH/Telnet window
10. Project/workspace support
11. TaskMatchTM Environment Selector - Provides predefined or user-created editing "environments" that remember the state of all of UltraEdit's dockable windows, toolbars and more for user convenience.
12. Integrated scripting language to automate tasks
13. Configurable keyboard mapping
14. Column/block mode editing
15. Hexadecimal editor allows editing of any binary file, shows binary and ASCII view
16. Named templates
17. HTML toolbar preconfigured for popular HTML functions
18. WebSearch Toolbar: highlight text and click a websearch toolbar button to search for highlighted term from within the editor

File encryption / decryption
1. Encrypt your sensitive source code files using your own key
2. Integrates with UltraSentry to (optionally) securely destroy original, unencrypted file
3. Decrypt files in UltraEdit only
4. Integration with UltraSentry to securely delete UltraEdit temporary files
5. Multi-byte support with integrated IME support

Programmer's features
1. Code Folding
2. Fold any function or structure (C/C++)
3. "Collapse All" and "Expand All" folded nodes
4. Support for ignore strings and comment strings
5. Syntax highlighting (user configurable):
6. Pre-configured for C/C++, VB, HTML, Java, and Perl
7. Special options for FORTRAN and LaTex
8. Support for up to 20 languages
9. Multiple wordfiles for download
10. Support for ASP
11. Allows different background colors
12. Support to highlight words beginning with a specified sub-string
13. Support for syntax highlighting based on file name/extension
14. Color sections may be named
15. Font styles available
16. Ctags support*:
17. Project specific Ctag file with option to create automatically when opened
18. Configurable parameters and tag file for use outside of projects
19. "Find Symbol" command will locate symbol in ctag file of selected item or item under cursor and position it in appropriate file
20. Requires the use of third party CTag EXE for tag file generation (links provided)
21. Comprehensive macro support, including saving and loading, multiple complex macros with hot keys
22. Integrated scripting language (based on javascript engine) to automate tasks
23. Artistic style formatter (visually beautifies source code)
24. Number convertor (selected number to binary, octal, decimal or hexadecimal)
25. Auto-correction of keywords based on definitions in wordfile
26. Character properties popup dialog shows:
27. Value of character in decimal/hex and display
28. Offset of character from start of file in decimal/hex
29. Duplicate line
30. New line/insert line
31. Auto-completion:
32. When invoked all the keywords from syntax highlighting will be available in the list (if the file uses syntax highlighting)
33. A user-specified file may be used to provide the strings for auto-completion
34. UltraEdit will search back 50K in the file for words that match a partially typed word and show these
35. FTP client built in to give access to FTP servers with multiple account settings and automatic logon and save (32-Bit only). Includes support for SFTP (SSH2).
36. Regular expression searches - Perl-style, Unix-style, or UltraEdit legacy expressions supported
37. Automatic highlighting of matching brackets/braces as typing or cursor positioning occurs
38. Highlight based on line/column Background
39. User configurable match strings
40. Includes < and > for HTML
41. Hexadecimal editor - allows hex editing of any binary file, shows binary and ASCII view
42. Project/workspace support - allows user to group files and define multiple workspace configurations
43. Project can use separate wordfile for syntax highlighting
44. ASCII table - allows viewing and insertion of ASCII characters
45. Add/Remove line comments to selected lines
46. Support of line comments up to 5 characters
47. Configurable tool support (run compiler, run a batch file, etc.) used via command-line interaction
48. Function list shows functions in active file (with up to 6 function strings per language)
49. Reformatting of existing code to indent/unindent based on language

Database handling features
1. Disk based text editing - supports files in excess of 4GB, minimum RAM used even for multi-megabyte files
2. Insert string at every increment (ideal for formatting database records and inserting hard returns)
3. Column/block editing - allows insertion/removal of columns of data
4. Insert/fill columns
5. Insert line numbers
6. Sum columns/selection
7. Convert records to fixed column width or convert to character-delimited

File management features:
1. File tree view (tabbed interface) includes:
2. List of files on drive (open selected files, file properties)
3. List of open files (close/save/tile/print selected files)
4. List of project files (open selected files)
5. "Lists" tab for user favorites and user-created file groups/lists
6. Filter for file tree view
7. Filter for explorer tab
8. File find for open files tab
9. FTP/SFTP account access in file tree view
10. Right click compare from explorer view
11. Tree view function to change view to drive/path of active file
12. Open multiple files at once from the file open dialog and command line
13. "Quick Open" option to open all matching files recursively through sub directories

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $79.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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