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USB Monitor is a monitoring software, it lets you view, log and analyze Universal Serial Bus device activity. It captures all the request blocks transferred from the Windows device driver to the host controller and back. Analyze the protocol between device and device driver.

USB Monitor (Device Monitoring Studio) is an invaluable application for all developers and engineers who design, create and connect to PC a whole range of equipment with universal serial bus on board. This tool captures all the USB Request Blocks (URBs) transferred from the device driver to the host controller and back.

USB Monitor (Device Monitoring Studio) installs the filter driver between the host controller and the device driver, which allows it to monitor all the data transferred and display it to the user in the clear readable format. You can log the monitored data for later review, copy it to the clipboard or export it to the file in various formats.
USB Monitor's Request View visualizer decodes each URB and displays its contents using several different schemes from basic to detailed. The basic scheme provides popup balloons, which give you more detailed contents of portions of data, the complete scheme shows all URB data decoded.
The Configuration View visualizer queries the operating system to show you the contents of the USB device descriptors, including device descriptor, interface descriptors, endpoint descriptors and string descriptors. This is a "live" visualizer and can also be used when the device is connected.
USB Monitor (Device Monitoring Studio) fully supports the Plug&Play feature of Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It allows you to plug the device in or out while you are using the USB Monitor and shows you all the actions carried out by the operating system and the device driver to satisfy the plug&play operations.

1. monitoring of USB devices
2. displaying monitored USB Request Blocks (URBs) - URB View visualizer
3. displaying monitored packets in a table - Packet View visualizer
4. session recording
5. playing back the recorded data
6. graphical data analyzis

* 14 days trial
* 100 sessions limit

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $64.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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