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UML2OWL Download
Free Download UML2OWL

Fast Transformation Tool, UML2OWL is a tool by Vienna Technology University that transforms XMI syntax into Protege OWL syntax. The application supports Visual Paradigm (XMI2.1), Microsoft Visio 2010 (XMI1.0) and ArgoUML (XMI2.1).
UML2OWL Features:
1. Transformation of UML 2.0 into OWL Ontologies (Protege support)
2. Fast and relieable: supports Visual Paradigm XMI 2.0 and MS Viso
3. Java Metamodel for quick and easy adaption of further XMI standards.

Please specify the following parameters:
* IRI: The IRI for prefixing entities in the OWL ontology.
* input: The path of the input file that contains the model.
* output: The path of the resulting file(s).
* converter: The name of the converter that translates the model into meta syntax
* settings: Specify a path to your own file.
* verbose: Use to output additional information about the model

* Java

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this file converter software.

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