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  • Date: May 25, 2017
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UFS Explorer is the powerful, comprehensive and yet easy of use application for Data Access and Data Recovery. It is designed to give you simple alternative way to access or recover your data.

With UFS Explorer you can read-only (in non-destructive way) access data:
on partitions of different Operation Systems: Windows, Linux, BSD, Unix, Solaris, MacOS, SnapOS, Netware (FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, XFS, UFS, UFS2, HFS, HFS+, UDF, ISO9660, NWFS);
different types of Storages: most Windows OS-pluggable disk drives, including PATA/SATA disks, SCSI drives, USB storages (flash, digital devices, external hard disks), CD/DVD, floppy and floppy-like drives, RAID arrays (even disassembled);
image files of these storages and CD/DVD images, as well as virtual storages, created by Virtualization Software of leading vendors: VMWare, Microsoft, Parallels.

Along with own alternative data access engine, UFS Explorer products has extended functions to recover your lost data due to software/hardware faults, file deletion, disk format, disk re-partitioning or virus attack.
The software suits even to Professionals in Data Recovery and gives comprehensive tool set for Data Access, Files Undelete, lost partitions recovery, disk backup and "Advanced Recovery": the last resort in recovering data from severely corrupted partitions, basing on set of heuristic algorithms, advanced signature-based algorithms, precise data analysis, file system reconstruction with maximum data recovery.

Key Concepts
1. Universal Data Access: UFS Explorer is designed to make no matter where your data reside. It supports fast and safe access to set of storages, including SCSI/SATA/PATA hard disks, USB mass storage devices, RAID arrays, VMWare, Microsoft Virtual PC, Parallels Workstation, Bochs virtual disks and RAW disk or partition image files. Built-in support of most used file systems makes data recovery quite simple!

2. Several Levels of Data Recovery: UFS Explorer can fast access your file systems and recover any data from there. We are improving it to make you forget about inaccessible data on your computer. UFS Explorer products use several levels of data recovery: from direct file sytem access and to sub-file system heuristic data analysis. This gives you an ability to perfome time-cost efficient data recovery. If you using virtualization software or different operation system on same computer - UFS Explorer makes your data accessible wherever it reside with usual for you data access speed. Have lost or deleted file? Is file system damaged? UFS Explorer could help to recover your data from there.

3. Network Recovery: Are you organizations with wide computer network? Surely, you are concerned in reducing risk of data loss on your employee's computers and, in case of data loss, recover it as soon as possible. Using UFS Explorer you can minimize work breaks caused by data loss: now, in most cases, you do not have to send IT expert to distant PC for data recovery, - IT expert may do the same job over network.

4. Simple Undelete instead of long-time recovery: Have your file deleted? UFS Explorer supports File Undelete from FAT or NTFS file systems. It gives you fast access to your deleted files that were deleted after your Recycle bin is emptied or file with no moving to Recycle bin. If you have digital camera or digital MP3 player that is detected by Windows as flash drive, with UFS Explorer you can undelete incidentally deleted files directly from such device and save them to your local hard drive.

5. Recovery from Broken of Disassembled RAID arrays: Have your disk RAID array crashed due to disk or controller failure? Is it disassembled? UFS Explorer can help you to virtually reconstruct your RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 1+0 or simple JBOD RAID arrays or their combinations and recover your data from there. It supports RAID arrays, created with different RAID controllers. UFS Explorer can reconstruct automatically some RAID arrays: you just need to specify on what disks or disk images your RAID reside; for other ones you will need to specify RAID mode and disk order. Unlike other similar software, UFS Explorer fast and virtually reconstructs RAID so you may start recover data immediately with no large intermediate files creation.

6. Alternative File Access in Batch Mode: Do you need scheduled data sysnchronization from alternative on-line file system or storage? Do you need to copy periodically locked log file with no shared access for analysis? UFS Explorer has command-line Batch Edition. Basing on special configuration script, it may connect any supported file system and copy any files from there. The Batch Edition works nice from command line, as well as could be easily integrated into batch process.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $45.25, you can free download and get a free trial.

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