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  • Date: Aug 20, 2009
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Twingly screensaver is visualizing the global blog activity in real time. Forget RSS readers where you see only what you're interested in. With Twingly screensaver you get a 24/7 stream of all (viewer discretion advised) blog activity, straight to your screen.
To use the screensaver you need a PC with Windows and a graphics card supporting OpenGL. Enable Asian language support in Windows, there's lot of that stuff in the blogosphere.
Twingly Screensaver allows you to visualize global blog activity in real time on a world map. The program can run as regular desktop application or as Windows screensaver and displays a constant stream of blog activity from around the world. The blog posts are indicated as small dots and stacks on a rotating globe. You can also configure it to show blog post title along the side of the screen, allowing you to click on a post for additional details and a link to the site where the entry was posted. The blog posts are not filtered or categorized by content, therefore user discretion is advised.
To use Twingly as the system screensaver:
* Right click the desktop.
* Select "Properties".
* Select the tab "Screen saver".
* Choose "Twingly Screensaver" from the list.
* Press OK.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this screensaver maker software.

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