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  • Date: Aug 30, 2010
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Tweek Auto Post is a Twitter desktop application that allows you to schedule your Twitter posts. Tweek Auto Post is a light weight application that allows its users to schedule tweets to be posted to their Twitter account automatically. It features an easy to use graphical interface as well as twitter profile information. This application make posting on twitter a snap, simply enter the post you would like to send schedule the time and click post an you are done. Simple, fast and effective.

1. Built-In Account Viewer
When the quick profile information area is not enough or you would like to log into your twitter account through the web, you can do so right from Tweek Auto Post using the built-in account viewer. By clicking the view profile link in the quick profile information area you will open the account viewer and be able to login to your account from the web without ever leaving the application.

2. Automated Sign-In and Account Verification
The automated sign in feature allows Tweek Auto Post to log into twitter with the saved profile, and start posting user tweets without the user doing anything but opening the application and creating a post. Along with automated sign in Tweek Auto Post also includes account verification. Account verification allows the user to enter their Twitter profile username and password and we will tell you if they are correct. With account verification you will not have to worry about entering the wrong login information.

3. Unlimited Customizable Posts
The main feature of Tweek Auto Post is the ability to create unlimited customizable posts. Each post can have a maximum length of 140 characters. The user can easily schedule when the post should be sent by setting the time selection box. The simplicity of creating these automated posts allows anyone to use this product.

4. Quick Profile Information Area
The quick profile information area allows the signed in user to view valuable information about their twitter account that updates automatically. This information includes the number of followers, the number of followed users, the number of favorites, and the number of tweets the user profile has. The information area also contains the signed in profiles icon.

5. Post now option
The post now option allows users to directly post to their twitter account in real time. This option is great for users that do not want to schedule a post in the future and would like to post right now. Of course you can still have all your scheduled posts as well as use the post now option.

6. User Timeline
The user timeline allows users to view their account timeline in real-time from the convenience of Tweek Auto Post instead of logging into Twitter. With multiple timeline types such as mentions timeline, friend's timeline, user timeline, and public timeline it's a snap to keep up to date with users and events you are interested in.

* Net Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this social networking software.

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