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  • Date: Jan 26, 2017
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TrulyMail includes an enhanced Address Book where you can store, import, and export (even backup and restore) your TrulyMail and email contacts. You can also set trust levels for each contact. For example, you can allow remote images in messages from but not from

Of course, It allows you to know when messages are received. For this reason, you can set (contact by contact) to whom you will automatically send a return receipt (this only affects email messages). Likewise, you can specify from whom you will request a return receipt when sending them email messages.

You can even add recipients to your address book simply by right-clicking on their email address when reading a message. Also, a handy new tool is also found by right-clicking an email address (even the senders). Let's say you received a message from '' and wonder what their website is like. Now, you can right-click their name and, from there, launch that website in your web browser. This is all to make your job a little easier.

It have also added notes to email messages, so you can keep track of tasks related to individual messages. You can also change the subject for received messages. This will help when you receive messages without a subject but you want to see something meaningful in your list of messages.

It have also added a 'Follow Up' reply type. That is, you can now reply (send response to sender), reply to all (send a response to everyone included in the message, forward (send message to someone new), and now follow up (resend the original message with new comments to everyone one the list). This new Follow Up reply type is used when you send messages and then want to add some more information to everyone who received the message originally.

Benefits of TrulyMail:
There are many flaws with email. The number one problem is spam (advertising emails which you never requested). For many, they receive 10 spam for every one legitimate email. Many companies have tried to solve this problem but it cannot be solved because of the way email works. Anyone can send you anything, including advertisements with bright flashing images and links to sites where you can buy what they sell. TrulyMail solves this by being invitation-based. Someone you do not know can still send you something but they can only send you an invitation, which is like a very feature-limited messages. Invitations are not practical for spam because they cannot have images, formatting, or links.

Worse than getting an ad that you do not want is getting an email from someone other than who you think. Having someone pretend to be your bank, or PayPal, or anyone else in order to get your private information is a big problem (known as phishing). With email anyone can pretend to be anyone else. There have been laws to solve this but never the technology. Email is flawed and cannot be fixed. A new system is needed. TrulyMail is that system. TrulyMail is invitation-based so before anyone can send you a message, you must allow them to do so. The only people who send you messages are those you know and trust.

Another problem with email is that you do not know when someone receives or reads your message. Sure, there are return receipts but that depends on your recipient sending the receipt. When you send a certified letter, it is not up to the recipient to decide to tell you when they receive it. It should be the same with electronic communications. You should be able to look in your sent items folder and easily see which messages have been received and which have been read. With TrulyMail you can do exactly this.

The fourth major problem with email is that it is not private. Sending an email is not like sending a letter (sealed in an envelope). It is like sending a postcard where everyone can see what you are saying. With TrulyMail, you can encrypt your messages so the only person who can read it is the intended recipient. If you want to make sure a competitor does not intercept your confidential information, then TrulyMail is for you.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this email client software.

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