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TrendCatch Download
Free Download TrendCatch 8.3

Trendcatch's strength is the ability to correctly compute entry trade signals and inform traders and investors when the short term market trend changes.

The overall important issue, is that TrendCatch gives you informative real time strategies and alerts, when to enter the market - either long or short.

Only ticks important for the TrendCatch AI PRO engine are shown.

TrendCatch only uses a tick if/when it is a part of a price / trading pattern reconigzied by TrendCatch to be important. That is why there can be anything from several ticks in a minute to sometimes no ticks at all during a minute.

The Graph shows the prices and when TrendCatch has been Long or Short (Blue/Red) during the day.

It is also possible to get the Channel Price Line imposed on the graph.

The last and also the most important info is the Trade Grid showing the individual trades with the max. profit possibilities there has been during each trade position.

All the Data can be saved in a file for later import into a spreadsheet application for further analyzing.

TrendCatch SP monitor Stock Indices and compute live Trend Signals (TREND-Change) for S&P500 E-mini futures. One of the most important things to understand when using TrendCatch is its trading philosophy. TrendCatch differs from other systems in that it does not attempt to predict a future price. Instead, TrendCatch attempts to determine when the current trend changes and if that should lead to a change in position. TrendCatch follows and monitors more than 600 stocks and financial futures and computes Sell and Buy recommendation for S&P 500 E-mini Futures. During the trading day advice about the Current TREND and Alerts about eventually changes is shown in the System Message Box. There are two different visual/sound alerts, which can be set to On or OFF. 1) Alert when the market is close to a possible TREND Change. The price where that possible change will happen is shown in the Systems Message Box, and in the Trade Info Grid column Change. DO NOT react immediately to to this info, just be alert and prepared to eventually change the position, but wait until a change has been confirmed. 2) Alert signals each time to Confirm the system changes TREND either from Long to Short or from Short to Long.

The alarm sounds immediately and the Trend Info Grid is updated. After this has happened, the position should be changed! Never enter a new trade before the TREND changes again. TrendCatch is a system that requires investors to eliminate any preconceived biases or emotions. Do not try to beat TrendCatch by staying in a trend that is not confirmed.

TrendCatch has 6 trading strategies to choose from. Access to historical performance based upon active day trading, showing the Trend signals for each day. TrendCatchs ticks intraday history for S&P500 E-mini. All data can be saved to spreadsheets for further analysis. No overnight positions - all positions are cleared by the end of the trading day.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $139.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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