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  • Date: Jun 06, 2012
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Transport Stream Packet Editor Download
Free Download Transport Stream Packet Editor 0.815 Alpha

Trim and perform error scans on Transport Stream files (.ts). The Transport Stream Packet Editor application was designed to help you trim and perform error scans on Transport Stream files (.ts) containing either MPEG2 video data or h.264 video data.
1. A fast, capable, straightforward non-linear Editor and Analyser for transport streams (.ts and .m2ts) - e.g. camcorder (AVCHD), recorded TV, Blu-Ray Disc (BD), etc
2. Can edit (cut) commercials from captured sources with assisted commercial detection
3. Advanced technical features for expert users
4. Wide compatibility with input stream types and sources

The data can be standard definition or high definition, SD MPEG2, HD MPEG2, and 720p and 1080i h.264.
TSPE can analyse the stream and scan for the most common types of capture errors, that is continuity errors and TEI errors.

Transport Stream Packet Editor Features:
Supported Video Formats: * MPEG2 * H.264 * VC-1
Supported Audio Formats: Dolby Digital AC-3 * Dolby Digital Plus * Dolby Digital Lossless * MLP * DTS * DTS HD * DTS HD-MA * AAC * MPEG1 Audio * MPEG2 Audio * PCM

1. Non-Destructive Intelligent Seamless GOP editing
2. No re-encoding of original stream: preserve Original Quality
3. I-frame to I-frame and P-frame to I-frame accurate
4. Completely Clean Editing: no video or audio glitches at edit points
5. Audio and Video Frame structure preserved - no broken packets
6. Cut commercials from captured sources

1. Elementary Stream Header Decode
2. PAT (Program Association Table) Decode
3. PMT (Program Map Table) Decode
4. CAT (Conditional Access Table) Decode
5. PSI (Program Specific Information) Descriptor Decode

1. Near Instantaneous Commercial Editing (NICE) System
2. Fast detection of missing streams
3. Check Timestamp Gaps in PTS, PCR, DTS
4. Check Continuity Counters
5. Check TEI Error Flags
6. Report Timestamp Wraparounds
7. Report PID list
8. Report Elementary Stream Attributes
9. Import scans from other utilities

1. Fix Timestamp Gaps
2. Fix Continuity Errors
3. Resync Audio by specifying an offset
4. Correct PCR pointer in PMTs
5. Remove broken Audio and Video Packets
6. Fix Timestamp Wraparounds

1. Strip Unwanted Streams - e.g. unwanted audio languages
2. Remove missing Streams from PSI tables
3. Strip Null Packets
4. Convert M2TS to standard TS (for Camcorder AVCHD and BD streams - note: copy free only)
5. Extract Core Audio from HD Audio Streams

1. Demux Elementary Streams with or without PES headers
2. Selective Demux of certain streams
3. Edit and Demux in one operation

1. Video Preview uses installed DirectShow filters
2. Preview edit position for fine adjustment
3. Test edits immediately using the Integrated Viewer
4. Fast disk to disk editing
5. Compile edits using the EDL (Edit Decision List)
6. Create Markers to bookmark positions of interest
7. Save and Load EDL and Marker List files
8. Drag and Drop multi-part files for joining with automatic sorting

* NET Framework

Please Note: this software if free for NON Comercial use only.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this video utility software.

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