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TransFile convert the .OKC file format to .CF and from .CF to .CG. When a dataset has a large number of records, displaying all records all at once will likely result in display clutter, making the display un-interpretable. In XmdvTool, It support the display of clustered records (specifically, clustered records that are the result of hierarchical clustering algorithms). Records that are similar to each other are placed in the same cluster.
TransFile is a small tool that can be used to convert the .OKC file format to .CF and from .CF to .CG. The .OKC file format is used to hold the flat (un-clustered) form of a dataset. The .CF and .CG file formats are used to hold the hierarchical (clustered) form of a dataset. The .CF file format is the format supported in XmdvTool4.0, while the .CG file format is supported in XmdvTool4.1 and later versions.

How to run TransFile:
1. Run TransFile.exe
2. From the 'FILE' menu, select 'okc -> CF'. This executes a hierarchical clustering algorithm and creates a cluster tree which is then stored in .CF file.
3. If you are using XmdvTool4.1 or later versions, also run 'CF -> CG' from the FILE menu. This appends additional fields into the CF file to create the CG file.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file converter software.

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