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Are you a master of a company who thirst for improving the skill and knowledge of your employee However, do you know that maintaining the training records and getting the schedules followed is a must requirement for any organization to maintain the quality standards. But it often becomes hard to manage so much of information and make the reports, schedules, etc for maintaining the quality training sessions for the personnel of various departments. Looking for an easy and comfortable way to manage your training and get satisfactory effect The answer is the training management software. Here I will recommend a powerful yet easy to use training management utility to you. That is Training Manager. Following are the detailed introductions of this learning management system. Come on with me and experience how excellence it is now!

Training Manager is a utility that helps us easily track and manage all of our company's training activities. Ongoing training programs are essential to the growth and development of satisfied employees. A highly trained employee is more confident, competent and successful in the work place. Knowing the relative level of training received by each employee is critical to ensuring the success of the organization. Training Manager can help us maintain accurate records of courses attended and the certification status of employees. It does so in a systematic, logical way that conforms to ISO 9000/ QS 9000 requirements.

The key features and advantages of this learning management system include:

Training Manager is easy to setup and use. There's virtually no learning curve. Just start adding employees and information on their required training. The program learns as we go, so data-entry speed increases as we use it.

Training Manager can provides the right reports for us. With it we can instantly print an employee's Training Record, a list of expired certifications, or upcoming training requirements for a department or individual. The reports have been carefully designed to help us meet quality system requirements.

With Training Manager we can simplify record management. Nothing beats a database for maintaining information. Once we start using Training Manager, we'll find that information is easier to locate, update, and cross-reference.

Training Manager has been ingrained with different worth to use features and a very pleasant screen appearance. The screen shows neatly placed sections each set according to different features.

With Training Manager we can set the employees records containing the detailed required information about them and their training schedules, etc. We can add, delete or even print the employee's details. It's easy to set the time period of the training and the role of the employee in it, thus it enables us to set the schedules well.

Training Manager allows us to keep the proper records of the types of training that is required for each department or the individuals and also set their time duration. Select the roles that need the training sessions and also set the training events schedules for each session. We can have the updated records of the status of the training session whether they going on ones or expired ones. Set a new database record or open an existing one as required.

Training Manager provides us with so many varied functions that we would be able to manage all types of trainings that are required to improve the quality of work of the employees. Select the reports and attachments path by browsing from "Tools" feature "Options". The Help File assists us to work with all the features of the program and maintain the information well.

Want to create training solution yourself Want to manage your training simply Then give Training Manager a try and enjoy its efficiency and performance now!

Training Manager can track your training records, requirements and compliance. Print personnel transcripts and status reports. Assign training to an individual, group, or job role. Require retraining based on time, version, or one time only. Schedule and manage class sessions, attendance, cancellations, and no-shows. Training Manager is easy to use and you can get started quickly.

* Provide training compliance reports for individuals, groups, or the entire company.
* Reduce time spent identifying who needs trained on what.
* Manage and share training data in a central repository.
* Easily track Employee Safety Training, HR Training, Internal/External Training, and more.

Training Manager Features:
1. Track Training status company-wide, or drill into individual training status.
2. Assign training by individual, job function, or group.
3. Require retraining based on calendar time, course version, or one time only.
4. Schedule and manage class sessions and student enrollments.
5. Record attendance, training completion, and cancellations.
6. Print status reports to demonstrate training compliance.
7. Print employee transcripts.
8. Print employee training plans.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $495.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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