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  • Date: Jun 19, 2017
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TradingDiary Pro is a user-friendly trading journal and performance recorder with a wide range of configurations, useful statistics and practical reports. The clear Record keeping is critical to running an efficient business and a diary can improve ones performance far more than them might ever have imagined. TradingDiary Pro supports Interactive Brokers clients with one-click import.

TradingDiary Pro is software which can record your trading performance. Created by a team of active traders, the software was developed to meet the demands that arose over several years of trading.

Our mission is to provide a tool for traders that makes their life easier, saves time, and makes money for them. Our aim was to create a "mentor" that monitors the nature of one's trading practice, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and helps them to become a better trader.

TradingDiary Pro supports Interactive Brokers' clients; however, we will shortly be widening the range of one-click import partners.The software will be upgraded every year in accordance with user feedback and our developers' recommendations.

General Features
1. Automatic position sorting of trades
2. Automatically assign long or short trades
3. Tagging trades to identify strategies
4. Adding notes to every trade
5. Hidden trade functionality - trades which are not sorted into positions

Graphical Interface
1. Advanced graphical interface with docking model
2. 3D charts with a lot of shading modes
3. Sorting and ordering on grids

1. One-click import support for clients of Interactive Brokers
2. File import support from MetaTrader4
3. Supports manual trade insertion

Portfolio Management
1. Multiple view for trades, positions and open positions
2. Set current price to view unrealized profits
3. Calculating leverage according to open positions amount
4. Diversification chart

Trade/Position Accounting
1. Advanced filtering functionality. You can filter for positions by date, ticker, trade type (stock, future, etc.), long or short, currency and tags
2. Storing data for total equity value and cash transactions (broker and data provider fees, dividend, interest paid and received)
3. Adding modifiers(dividend, payment in lieu of dividend, interest etc.) to positions for better view of real profit or loss
4. Handling trades in foreign currency with conversion rate

1. Performance report. Wide report including a lot of performance metrics. Winning and losing positions, winning and losing percentage, average profit and loss, gross profit and loss, max consecutive wins and losses all for long and short positions.
2. Total equity chart
3. Equity gain or loss chart with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly views
4. Leverage chart
5. P&L cumulative chart
6. P&L distribution chart
7. P&L time distribution chart
8. Diversification charts - scales open positions to each other and to total equity
9. Time distribution chart of open positions
10. Drawdown chart based on total equity

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $129.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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