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  • Date: Jun 10, 2012
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Tobu is a freeform information organizer. It can be used to organize notes, todo lists, files, clips, code snips, diary entries and more or less any type of information that can be entered as text or stored in a file; its goal is to make a very large number of items of information easily manageable.

Tobu has many functions that work in ways that are not immediately obvious. Therefore I recommend at least scanning through this guide. In order to start using Tobu it's necessary to understand the basics of adding tags, filtering, using sortable tags, searching for a tag. Optional topics that can be left off for later are templates, views and favorite tags. Keyboard shortcuts are not an afterthought in Tobu-they are carefully assigned to make the most important functions easily available without having to use the mouse-you can look at them at any time by going to Help | Keyboard Shortcuts.

Tobu uses standard sqlite data file to store the database. It's stored in "data.db" in program's directory; you can use any tools that work with sqlite files to read and modify it. In one of the upcoming versions of Tobu I will provide a script that will create linked html files or a plain text file out of the database, as well as an in-program option to do the same for the current filtered item list.

Tobu already comes with a few items stored in the database as examples-to see them, type in "astronomy" in one of the four filter boxes on top and hit Enter. You can test sorting by clicking on column titles and filter by an additional tag if you add it to the second filter box. For instance, filtering by the tag "star" will create a listing of two items.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this information management software.

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