Tizer Rootkit Razor

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  • Date: Feb 17, 2010
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    Trojan Remover
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Tizer Rootkit Razor Download
Free Download Tizer Rootkit Razor

Tizer?Rootkit Razor is a powerful free tool that will allow you to remove malicious objects from your computer. A rootkit is when malware, such as a virus, spyware, or trojan hides from computer users and even a system management utility. In their earliest deployments, hackers used rootkits to gain unauthorized access to Unix-based systems. Today, more sophisticated rootkits are everywhere in the form of trojans that are ready to seize control of unsuspecting Windows-based platforms.

Rootkits find the processes that are in place to prevent illicit entry into your system. They then modify these processes to give attackers a remote pathway by which they can open a secret backdoor. Once this happens, attackers can use rootkits to secretly alter files, change processes, distribute spam, and use data mining tools to steal login IDs and passwords. Since rootkits carry out these malicious activities underground, normal antivirus software cannot locate or remove them. Even if rootkit detection were easy, once the rootkit compromised your system, ripping it out may cause you to permanently lose hidden files, network connections, blocks of memory, or registry entries. The Tizer Secure?Rootkit Razor tool can detect and effectively remove rootkits without causing any damage to your computer. This software is free and for personal use only.

Tizer Rootkit Razor Features:
1. Provides information about all running processes in the system.
2. Detects hidden processes, threads, modules, services, drivers, files, registry keys, and alternate data streams.
3. Allows the user to clean and remove the malicious objects from the system by deleting the hidden files or registry.
4. Allows users to terminate malicious processes or modules/threads.
5. Detects any present SSDT hooks.
6. Detects hidden objects if a file is hidden using IAT, EAT, or SSDT hooks.
7. Allows users to start, stop, pause, or resume installed services.
8. Displays information about your operating system and memory usage.
9. Can be used while other programs are running.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this trojan remover software.

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