Three State Nuclear Decay Model

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Three State Nuclear Decay Model Download
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Simulates the radioactive decay of an atomic nuclei. Three State Nuclear Decay model extends the Two State Nuclear Decay model to simulate the radioactive decay of atomic nuclei in which the parent nucleus first decays into an intermediate state before decaying into a stable state. Although the decay of both the parent and intermediate nucleus (radionuclides) is spontaneous and unpredictable, the probability of decay of each radionuclide is constant and is usually known. The model displays a color-coded sample with N1 parent nuclides, N2 intermediate state nuclides, and N3 stable state nuclides. Users can set the initial numbers N1 and N2, the decay the decay constants k1 and k2. the time interval between measurements ?t before the simulation is run. The simulation counts the number of decay events and stops when all nuclides are in the stable state.

Check boxes display a plot and a table showing the time evolution of each state as well as the number of decay events in each time interval. The data plot allows users to compare the data generated by the random decay model with a differential equation-based model.

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