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  • Date: Mar 07, 2014
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    FlowChart & Diagram
Thought Tickler Download
Free Download Thought Tickler 5.7.0

Thought Tickler is a thinking process recorder. It is a kind of vector graphics editor and idea processor. It has new function not ever known. It records your thinking process, by memorizing every steps that you've operated on this tool.

Because Dynamic Draw is the foundation for Thought Tickler, when you install Thought Tickler, you also install the fully-functional Dynamic Draw. Therefore, this version of Dynamic Draw may be used by itself. However, Dynamic Draw and Thought Tickler present different interfaces to the user; it is best to regard them as separate applications.

How to use - From Start to Save:
1. Click the [Start] > [All Programs] > [DD Thought Tickler 5] > [Thought Tickler 5] to start Thought Tickler.
2. If the [Import template] dialog is displayed, click the Cancel button to close it. Thought Tickler's window will be displayed.
2. Activate the [Arc tool]. Draw some circles. Refer to the tutorials for Dynamic Draw to draw a circle.
3. Activate the [Arrowed polyline tool].
4. Link circles with arrowed lines.
5. Click the [File] > [Save document] menu item. The [Save project as] dialog will be displayed. Then click the OK button to save the drawings. The [Untitled.mdpj] folder will be created in the My Documents folder.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this flowchart & diagram software.

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