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  • Version: 3.2.1
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  • Date: Jan 15, 2010
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Thoosje Vista Sidebar Download
Free Download Thoosje Vista Sidebar 3.2.1

Our Vista sidebar for Microsoft Windows XP and Vista has gadgets like media players, Stickys,Calculators,google search, yahoo search, and lots of more search engines. It has also vista sidebar gadgets like weather and system uptime and lots of more useful gadgets. The sidebar uses 50% less RAM and is faster than the original Microsoft Sidebar with more extras and works on Microsoft Windows Vista and XP. Thoosjes Vista Sidebar is also part of the Vista Transformation Pack.that turns your XP OS into Windows Vista.
New in Vista Sidebar V 2.0
The Vista Sidebar saves gadgets settings at start-up so they wont reset to default settings but now everything is stored in the registry. The Sidebar has more skins, including longhorn skins and skins of the windows sidebar in early stages. there are more clocks, and other gadgets. The Sidebar also has docking so its easier to organize all gadgets now. For questions or suggestions
New Vista Sidebar Features:
* Sidebar works correct on any reselution now
* Gadget AutoSave v2.0
* RSS Gadget v 2.2
* Torrent search Gadget v2.0
* Internet search Gadget v 2.1
* Mail Gadget v 1.0
* Calculator Gadget v 1.0
* System Uptime Gadget v 2.0
* Windows Media Player Gadget v 2.0
* Clock Gadget v 2.1
* More clock adjustable skins
* Recycle bin Gadget v 2.0
* Picture slider Gadget v 2.1
* Sticky Gadget v 1.2
* Run Gadget 1.0
* Help and Suport Links Added
* Harddisk Status reader Gadget
* CPU and RAM reader Gadget 2.2
* Internet Traffic Gadget v 2.0
* Calender Gadget v 2.0
* Weather Gadget v 2.0
* And Countless of Bug Fixes
* Better and more userfriendly interface
* Sidebar and Gadgets have Menus With Options

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this desktop utility software.

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