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  • Date: Jul 08, 2013
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Free Download ThinLinc 4.1.0 Build 3996

ThinLinc for Windows is the Windows edition from the ThinLinc Linux Terminal Server solution. ThinLinc is used to virtualize desktops and applications by the use of Server Based Computing.

The product is largely based on Open Source Software. This has contributed to faster development times, and also to making the product very robust and at the same time adaptable.

The use of Open Source Software in the product also means that many functions - which are delivered as addons in other products - are part of ThinLinc from the start: encryption, single signon, clustering, advanced printer management, and integration between different systems and services.

ThinLinc is a product for managing server based computing. The system is largely based on open source software, which has led to an expansion of the product to encompass solutions for authentication, availability systems, emulation and conversion between different computer systems. ThinLinc can be used as a gateway between different types of clients and a large number of base systems.

The system architecture allows an existing infrastructure to be maintained while a new architecture is gradually introduced to the organization. The system can be launched alongside the existing systems for a gradual migration to a new platform, and at the same time it acts as a link or gateway between the existing systems.

The architecture is designed to be flexible in order to handle larger organizations with autonomous office applications or functions, whilst maintaining management and security. The system can be supplemented with an automated system for installation, configuration and administration of the client hardware, such as through the use of PXE. It's also possible to create different user groups. In this way departments with special needs are easily administered in the case of adaptations or user-driven application development.

Support for the following application types:
1. Microsoft Windows (with Windows Terminal Server, Citrix Metaframe or via Windows emulation software such as CrossOver)
2. UNIX (X11 protocol)
3. Linux (X11 protocol)
5. Java

Support for the following protocols:
1. Microsoft RDP
2. Citrix ICA
3. X11
5. SSH, OpenSSH
6. OpenSSL
7. Telnet VT, ANSI
8. VNC, TightVNC

Support for the following authentication mechanisms:
1. LDAPv3
2. Novell eDirectory
3. NIS
4. Microsoft Active Directory
5. UNIX passwords
7. One time passwords using Nordic Edge OTP
8. All PAM-based authentications.

ThinLinc Features:
1. Flexibility - Easy to add to an existing infrastructure, adaptable.
2. Security - Secure communication between server and client.
3. Synergy - Mix applications from different operating systems on the same desktop.
4. Economy - Competitive pricing, possibility to save on licencing fees, etc.
5. Integration in Novell Environments
6. Integration in Microsoft Environments
7. Desktop Management with ThinLinc
8. Single Sign-On Functionality
9. High Availability
10. Load Balancing
11. Local Resources
12. Sound Support
13. Printing Features
14. Mix Platforms

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $75.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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