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  • Version: 4.4
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  • Date: Mar 25, 2017
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TexturePacker Download
Free Download TexturePacker 4.4

TexturePacker is a complete tool for sprite sheet creation and image optimization. It comes with a full featured graphical user interface including multi touch support, zooming and a tree view with all used sprites. The extreme fast layout algorithm shows all changes in realtime.

It currently shipps with 2 layout algorithms:
1. Basic
This is a layout algorithm best for tilemaps and simple animations without the need of additional data file. Sprites are simply pleaced in a row until the row is full.

2. MaxRects
MaxRects is the best known algorithm for packing textures. It is fast and has a high packing ratio. Enabling rotation and trimming gets the best results (depending on your target framework). This algorithm is available in TexturePackerPro/CLI.

TexturePacker can directly export the following image formats:
1. PNG - Portable Network Graphics
2. PVR - iPhone's native image format
3. PVR.CCZ - zlib compressed version of PVR for cocos2d

Other Features:
1. Resizing on the fly
This is a very useful feature for developers targeting devices with multiple resolutions.

2. Trimming
Trimming removes transparent pixels from the border of your sprites.

3. Alias creation
If two images are identical after trimming only one image is placed in the sprite sheet.

4. Create heuristic mask
Create heuristic mask creates transparency from images which come with a single key color.

5. Automatic sizing
TexturePacker chooses the minimum texture surface size for you - automatically.

6. Automated updates
It can automatically check for updates on MacOS. You can also register for the beta stream allowing you to get the newest versions.

7. MacOS and Windows
You can use TexturePacker under both operating systems with the same license.

8. Free for framework developers and bloggers
If you run your own development blog or are developer of an (open source) game framework you can get TexturePacker for free.

9. Full XCode integration
Use 5 minutes to set up TexturePacker in XCode and save hours of time.

10. Flavours: Essential, Commandline and Pro
TexturePacker comes in 3 differnt flavours in just one Package:

11. Essential
Essential is the free version which can be used with Graphical User Interface (GUI) and commandline.

12. Commandline (CLI)
This version requires a license and comes with the full power of commandline and XCode integration.

13. Pro
The Pro version has the complete power: Comandline and GUI with all features enabled.

Command Line Usage: TexturePacker [options] [<*.png>] [<imagefolder>] [<*.tps>*]

You can specify one or more .png or .tps files or directories for processing.
<*.png> *.png files are added to the sheet
<imagefolder> Recursively adds all *.png files in the tree
<*.tps> *.tps file created with TexturePackerPro (requires pro license) Additional set options override settings in the *.tps file

--help Display help text
--version Print version information
--gui Launch in with graphical user interface

Please Note: You run a development blog or are developer of an (opensource) gaming framework? Contact the developer to get your TexturePackerPro license for free.

* Enhanced layout and image optimization features are disabled

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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