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Textometrie Download
Free Download Textometrie 0.5.0

A new textometry platform. The Textometrie project is a cross-platform text corpora analysis environment and graphical client based on Open CWB and R, supporting Windows, Linux, Mac OS X (in alpha) and J2EE.

The current TXM platform prototype helps you to build and analyze tagged and structured corpora :
1. it helps you to import your textual resources to build a corpus from various format, or directly from any text copied in the clipboard.
2. it builds subcorpora from various specifications of textual units properties
3. it builds partitions from specification of properties
4. it builds an HTML edition for each textual unit of a corpus
5. it computes the whole vocabulary of a corpus or lists various combinations of word property values
6. it builds lexical tables from partitions or index
7. it searches complex lexical patterns based on lexical units properties and builds kwic concordances of the matches. From any line in a concordance, you can get to the edition page containing the corresponding keyword
8. it computes cooccurrents around complex lexical pattern
9. it computes the specificity model of occurring words or tags inside a partition or a sub-corpus
10. it computes the factorial correspondence analysis of word properties inside a partition.

The software is composed of four components :
1. a full text search engine;
2. a statistics engine;
3. an import environment;
4. a scripting engine.

This manual will introduce you to each component through the various commands available in the platform.

* Java

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this office suite software.

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