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Textanz Download
Free Download Textanz 3.1.3

Textanz is a really unique and must-have tool for everybody involved in writing texts. This program analyzes all types of text content and provides you with a list or dictionary of the words, phrases, and grammar forms, and their frequency of use within the text. The information you receive from a Textanz analysis enables you to check for excessive use or repetition of words or phrases within any document. Textanz provides a vital editing function that is missing from most standard grammar-check and editing programs.

Who Needs Textanz?
You do, if you:
* Are writing your first - or fourth - great novel
* Perform a proofreading of article, translation, press-release, etc.
* Want to improve your site's search engine ranking for specific search words and phrases
* Want a great tool to help analyze or write a paper about a book or an author
* Need your resume or letter to make a great first impression
* Want a quick way to identify commonly used phrases in other peoples' writing, for research, transcription or other uses
* Are concerned that you overuse certain words or expressions, and want to make your writing clearer and more readable

Critical first impressions of you, your project, your resume, your report, or your company, often come from your written word. Writers and editors in all fields from marketing to technical reports to best-selling fiction need Textanz to help them identify word or phrase overuse or repetition.
Web masters and writers who prepare content for the Internet will find Textanz a valuable tool to choose keywords and key word phrases for improved optimization of webpages within the search engines.
As a reader, you can use Textanz to examine an author's most frequently used words and phrases and better understand his purpose and writing objectives. The frequency dictionary created by Textanz enables you to form a stylistic portrait of the writer. In linguistics, this data is unique to authors in much the same way as handwriting is unique to an individual.

Why Textanz and how it works
Word frequency analysis has become a popular task lately. Some online tools allows to count words directly on web-page. Desktop programs are available as well. We are constantly monitoring text analysis solutions and would like to emphasize the following benefits of Textanz :

* Many kinds of frequencies.
Besides individual words, Textanz is able to calculate frequencies of phrases and wordforms. Our program evaluates phrases irrespective of punctuation marks or spacing. Because of this, identical word successions are evaluated like identical phrases, regardless of linefeeds or various comma locations. Additionally, you can set up your own phrase terminating characters (by default these are the period and the question and exclamation marks).
By wordform we mean any consequent characters in word - from single character to whole word. This mode is advisable to advanced users of Textanz and allows to detect frequently used word even when it turns to various forms in text, e.g. differs in suffix and/or prefix.

* Various result presentation.
After scanning the text, Textanz gives you results in the form of sorted list. You can perform bi-directional sorting by any column (length, frequency, dispersion) and hierarchical sorting by several columns. In addition you can search results for specific pattern, quickly highlight occurrences of given word or phrase in original text, export list to CSV format which can then be imported to MS Excel. Textanz also provides graphic representation of word/phrase frequency and dispersion in a form of interactive chart.

* High configurability.
Textanz includes a wide range of configurable options that helps you to get specific results. You can set up min. frequency to take into account, black-list of words to ignore them, length of context phrase for concordance and other parameters. At the same time, default options allows to solve most common tasks, and you don't need to dig in tuning without explicit aim.

Textanz is not an editing program and will not change your original document in any way. You can load text from file or clipboard, perform frequency analysis, then edit text in your favorite word processor and repeat the procedure as needed. Use and enjoy Textanz with the certainty that there is absolutely no risk to your documents or document formatting from using this exceptional analysis tool, one you will quickly come to depend on to improve all of your written work.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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