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TextConverter Download
Free Download TextConverter 1.2.0

Encode your text with this tool. TextConverter provides a Notepad with built-in encryption. The encryption uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). You can be confident that nobody will be able to break the encryption other than by guessing your user id and password. Use it to store sensitive information such as user id's and passwords.

You need Java version 1.6 to run TextConverter. For Windows systems download the install wizard and run it to install the program. If you have an suitable version of Java the installer will find it, otherwise it will prompt you to download and install Java.

For Linux or other systems, download the install zip. Unzip it to a suitable location (for Linux I recommend /opt).

In windows systems, open the program from the start menu. In Linux run the TextConverter.sh script. In other systems run the command java -jar TextConverter.jar.

The first time you run the program it will display the license and ask you to create an account. Choose a user name and password. These will be used for encryption so choose a password that can not be easily guessed. If you forget your user id or password there is no way of retrieving them. If you cannot remember them and have no record of them your encrypted data is lost.

You can open any text file or create a new text file by typing or pasting text. When saving the text will automatically be encrypted. When opening an encrypted file, click the "decrypt" button to decrypt the text. This only decrypts in memory. The disk file remains encrypted. To save the file decrypted use the "save decrypted" menu option or copy and paste text to another application.

Double clicking files with a "tc" extension in windows will open the file with TextConverter.

Please read the section on TextConverter.properties below for important information on the safety of your files.

* Java

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this file converter software.

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