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  • Date: Jun 20, 2011
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Terrain Tool for AutoCAD Download
Free Download Terrain Tool for AutoCAD 1.2

Terrain Tool offers a powerful way of designing, analyzing and presenting terrains in AutoCAD. It was developed with the needs of architects and landscape architects in mind. It is simple to use and yet offers a comprehensive range of features and is capable of creating and updating large terrains effortlessly.

The Terrain Tool Palette is the main user interface of the Terrain Tool AutoCAD plugin.

The Terrain Tool Palette is accessed by entering the command "Terrain" at the AutoCAD Command Line. The Terrain Tool plugin must be installed and activated before it will run.

The Palette has three tabs; Sources tab, Terrains tab and Outputs tab. These are used to get data, build terrains and display the terrains respectively. For more information about these click on the links above or on the tabs on the palette below.

Terrain Tool is a full featured terrain creation tool for AutoCAD . Unlike other terrain utilities that were developed for Land Surveyors and Engineers, Terrain Tool was developed for Architects and Landscape Architects with special focus on terrain sculpting and ease of use at the end of a development team chain. The following are a list of some of Terrain Tools features:
1. High powered Constrained Delaunay Triangulation (CDT) algorithm.
2. Unique Pass-Through algorithm allows for fast updates and modifications.
3. Creates Dynamic:
* 3D Terrain Surfaces
* Contour Lines
* Surface Gradient Analysis
* Stipple and Solid Shading
* Wire Frame Surfaces
* Section Lines

4. Imports the following AutoCAD objects:
* Points * Line * Circles * Arcs * Ellipses * Polylines * 2D Polys * 3D Polys * Splines * Blocks * MTexts * Texts

5. Handles large data sets.
6. Developed in ObjectARX for AutoCAD

Please Note: If it is not activated it will run as the Non-Commercial Trial version.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $120.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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