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  • Date: Jul 24, 2010
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TeamCall is a Telephony Access Platform, The CTI server for phone systems with a TAPI interface. TeamCall Express is a Computer Telephony Integration Server that is required in order to connect TAPI phone systems. All that youll need is a PC in connection with the system by either Ethernet or USB.

Multitalented platform
The TeamCall Telephony Access Platform is the heart of our middleware and the crucial link between telephone and PC. The platform monitors the telephone system and forwards incoming calls to the connected client applications. It is ideally suited for heterogeneous company networks.

With the TeamCall Telephony Access Platform, PBX system functions become freely available for processing in software applications. Additionally, proven modules are available for other ranges of use.

The TeamCall Telephony Access Platform supports the majority of currently commercially available integrated components, platforms and interfaces. Open Application Program Interfaces (APIs), libraries, example programs, technical documentation and our comprehensive project experience guarantee the smooth deployment and quick availability of individual computer-telephony functions.

Open standards
We use the relevant CSTA (Computer Supported Telephony Applications) standards. Therefore the TeamCall Telephony Access Platform is compatible with any type of implementation, and independent of the existing PBX system.

Harmonizing of the existing infrastructure
Our middleware provides a common interface, normalizing the behavior of different telephone systems. From the evaluation of PBX information and the event sequence, to complex scenarios, we harmonize conditions for the development of software applications.

Platform independence
Our middleware is operational on more system platforms than any other solution: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unixware, Solaris.

Secure migration
The TeamCall Telephony Access Platform also works with interfaces of older applications. We safeguard the backward compatibility to legacy PBX systems.

TeamCall Express uses the phone system's TAPI driver. Due to its use of TAPI, TeamCall Express is only available for Windows. The TAPI driver must support the creation of multiple TAPI lines (so called 3rd-party-TAPI).

TeamCall Express must be installed on a computer connected to the PBX via network cable or USB. Because TeamCall Express is not a resource intensive program, it must not be run on the latest hardware.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this phone software.

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