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    Protocol Analyzer
TcpTrace Download
Free Download TcpTrace

Use it as a tunnel between your client & server. Basically you use it as a tunnel between your client & server. Start tcptrace.exe and up comes a dialog box asking for local port #, destination server, and destination port # (Ignore the logging options for now) Fill these in, click Ok, and wow are you going to have fun.

If you prefer to set-up a tcpTrace session via a command line rather than via the GUI, then there are the following command line options
/listen <port> : specifies the local port to listen on.
/serverPort <port> : specifies the destination port to forward traffic to.
/serverName <servername> : specifies the destination server to forward traffic to.
/log <log filename> : enables logging to the specified file.
/logFormat <xml | plain> : specifies the logfile format (when logging is enabled) use xml or plain (plain is default).
/title <window title> : this overrides the default tcpTrace window title, is useful if you regularly run multiple instances of tcpTrace.
/kill : stops all running instances of tcpTrace and exits. this can be useful for batch based testing.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this protocol analyzer software.

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