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  • Date: Jan 28, 2020
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TatukGIS Viewer Download
Free Download TatukGIS Viewer

TatukGIS Viewer opens most GIS/CAD vector, raster image, and grid file types, including the aerial imagery and vector street map data provided by the leading vendors, most ArcView, ArcExplorer, and MapInfo projects, and projects exported from ArcGIS/ArcMap using the free Arc2TatukGIS plug-in.

Because the GIS Viewer is compiled from the TatukGIS Developer Kernel toolkit, it provides an easy way to evaluate the TatukGIS technology and support for various data formats and common GIS functionality.
The free Viewer can be used to generate TatukGIS project files that are compatible with any other TatukGIS product or custom applications created from the TatukGIS DK toolkit. The Viewer can generate simple ASP.NET projects for web publishing with the TatukGIS Internet Server.
The TatukGIS Editor product extends the free Viewer by adding an extensive set of features for editing, digitizing, merging, exporting, converting between formats, building/correcting map topological, etc. GIS shapefile map data.

TatukGIS Viewer Features:
1. Zooming in/out, panning on the map
2. Multiple vector file formats (layer types) in the same project
3. Legend control (panel) to organize layers and layer priority
4. Extended Legend for hierarchical layers, layer grouping, sub-projects
5. MiniMap window with World or continent map tab options
6. Visual layer property control for all aspects of the map appearance (colors, styles, polygon fills, outlines, symbols, labels, transparency, etc.)
7. Create or edit TatukGIS project files
8. Open ArcView 3, ArcExplorer, MapInfo Professional project files and projects exported from ArcGIS/ArcMap using the free Arc2TatukGIS plug-in
9. Scale bar
10. Custom render map geometry, styles, labels, symbols, etc. based on scale
11. Manipulate pixel layers (brightness, transparency, histograms, etc.)
12. Thematic mapping based on attribute values, colored-gradient value themes, color render grid layers
13. CGM and TrueType symbols for points and lines; CGM, TrueType, and WMF symbols for fills
14. Advanced attribute data presentation table with filtering and SQL Query Builder
15. Spatial querying/selection (by point, line, circle, rectangle, polygon, buffer, custom clipboard layer, SQL query) based on the DE-9IM model (Dimensionally Extended 9 Intersection Model).
16. Topological operations, e.g., buffers, intersections, unions, etc.
17. Advanced labeling (Dynamic label placement, overlap avoidance, multi-field, formatted)
18. HTML style rendering of labels
19. Pie and bar charts
20. Map hints to automatically display information about any feature under the cursor
21. URL Hotlink feature to link map shapes via a URL to any web site, document, or mailto
22. Multiple hotlinks to a single shape
23. Open WMS/WFS (OpenGIS Web Map Service/Web Feature Service) map layers from a remote server
24. Open ECWP map layer from a remote server
25. R-tree spatial indexing for best performance with very large vector files
26. Measurement tools for distance, area, and perimeter
27. View data collected with a GPS device as a GPX layer
28. PDF file generation for high resolution local printing of any map view
29. Standard printing from the HTML image with limited resolution
30. Template based printing with ability to add new print layouts x
31. Internet Server Wizard" to set up simple ASP.NET projects for web publishing with the TatukGIS Internet Server
32. language options for program user interface
33. Antialiased output for enhanced map rendering quality
34. Unicode support (for all foreign language characters)
35. Coordinate Systems:
36. Nearly 3,000 pre-defined geographic coordinate systems (including all U.S. State Planes)
37. Support for EPSG codes and OpenGIS WKT definitions
38. User defined, custom coordinate systems based on 120 projections, 350 datums
39. Automatic coordinate system recognition with any supported layer type (including PRJ file support)
40. On-the-fly reprojection of vector, raster, and grid layers between coordinate systems for real-time map display

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this wireless communication software.

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