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TatukGIS Editor is a general purpose, desktop GIS mapping and data editing application featuring native support for dozens of vector, image, grid, and SQL database formats, nearly 3,000 pre-defined map coordinate systems, GPS connectivity, compatibility with leading database engines.

The TatukGIS Editor 2.0 upgrade adds advanced support for coordinate systems with 3,000 predefined coordinate systems, on-the-fly map reprojection, Basic/Pascal scripting IDE, database joining, HTML style labels, Unicoding, antialized map rendering, layer hierarchies, new data formats: S-57, DWG, TAB, JSON, LandXML, WMS, WFS, FME, PostGIS, MSSQL Spatial Server, SDE Raster, Oracle GeoRaster.

The TatukGIS Editor is a general purpose, desktop GIS mapping and data editing application featuring support for dozens of vector, image, grid, and SQL database formats, on-the-fly map reprojection with nearly 3,000 pre-defined coordinate systems, GPS connectivity, compatibility with leading database engines The Editor product is intuitive and learnable just from the integrated help files. For custom solution designers with specialized or advanced requirements, the built-in scripting IDE provides the means to customize or extend the product beyond its core features.
Viewing: The Editor opens most GIS/CAD vector map files, raster maps, aerial images, grid data, and SQL database layers such as Oracle Spatial or PostGIS coverages. The Editor also opens most ESRI ArcView v.3 or MapInfo Professional projects and projects exported from ESRI ArcGIS/ArcMap using the free Arc2TatukGIS plug-in. Each file type is supported "natively', so there is no need to import the data into any internal format. Comprehensive visual layer property and legend controls provide for deep customization of the appearance of each map layer, thematic mapping, layer hierarchies, legend presentation, scale
Coordinate systems: The Editor supports nearly 3,000 predefined map coordinate systems in use around the world (including all the U.S. State Planes) and user-defined coordinate systems based on 120 supported projections. Vector and raster layers can be converted on-the-fly between coordinate systems for map display or export. The support reflects EPSG codes and WKT coordinate system definitions.
Editing: The Editor provides advanced features to create, select, query, edit, store, and import/export the geometry and attributes of vector map files and SQL database layers, including editing the z and m values of 3D map files. The support is for so many data formats that some use the Editor as a universal data translator. Tools include the topology builder/corrector to systematically clear geometric errors (overlapping polygons, holes between polygons, missed line intersections, dangling nodes) from line or polygon layers.
Scripting: The Editor is a fully scriptable IDE for writing and debugging code. Using Basic or Pascal scripts, the Editor functionality can be enhanced or modified, including full menu redesign, custom dialog boxes, etc., for end-user custom applications. The scripting engine exposes (inside the Editor) the full power of the TatukGIS Developer Kernel, with its hundreds of classes and thousands of methods, to fulfill the requirements of any kind of GIS application. A number of example scripts are provided, e.g., to perform Google Earth or Virtual Earth integration, GPS tracking on a projected map, batch (command line) conversions, and a number of tutorial examples.
Databases: The Editor is compatible with leading database engines, e.g., MSSQL Server, MSJET, Oracle, DB2, Interbase, PostgreSQL and most 3rd party SQL database map layer formats, e.g., OpenGIS, PostGIS, MSSQL Spatial Server, ESRI ArcSDE, ESRI SDE Raster, ESRI Personal Geodatabase, MapInfo SpatialWare, Oracle Spatial, Oracle GeoRaster, Geomedia SQL Server . The Editor supports live joins and data import/export between map layers and external database tables.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $390, you can free download and get a free trial.

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