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  • Date: Sep 30, 2010
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Taskbar Helper is a tool which provides an opportunity to organize your taskbar and use it much more efficiently by hiding rarely used windows from taskbar. The tool allows you to show only those windows on taskbar, which you really need at the moment. Others, rarely used windows, can be moved from taskbar to system tray, and then quickly accessed by a single click on a corresponding icon in system tray. In addition the tool provides an opportunity to move programs on the taskbar.

There are three main operations that can be performed on windows:
1. Show in SysTray on Hide. When the user hides the application, its icon is shown in the system tray.
2. Hide On Minimize. When you click the Minimize title button, the application hides from view.
3. Hide windows from taskbar only. The window is hidden from the taskbar but can be opened by pressing Alt+TAB.

These operations can be assigned to an application separately, or in a combination.

When you find yourself with too many applications in the taskbar, simply use Taskbar Helper to get rid of the clutter. The program lists all applications, or system windows that are currently open on the desktop and provides three options as checkboxes for each process: Show in SysTray on Hide, Hide on Minimize, Hide Windows from Taskbar Only. By ticking these checkboxes, you can create a rule that defines how a window behaves when the user clicks on the Minimize button on the window titlebar, or presses a specific hotkey. Once the rule is set, you can forget about GUI and manipulate windows without ever opening Taskbar Helper.

Taskbar Helper allows you to hide or minimize selected windows to the system tray automatically. To automate a specific window, you can set up a rule in the Rules dialog. Once the rule is set, the selected operation is performed on the selected window by default.

The Rules dialog lists all applications that are currently open on the desktop. Next to each application name there are four checkboxes:
1. Hide at startup
2. Show in SysTray on Hide
3. Hide On Minimize
4. Hide window from taskbar only

By ticking one or more checkboxes, you can automate the behavior of a specific application.

Taskbar Helper allows you to use hotkeys to perform operations on windows. All hotkeys are listed in the Hotkeys dialog. You can use the dialog to define your own hotkey combinations if you do not like the default ones.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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