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  • Date: Feb 09, 2010
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Task management software for getting things done. Task Tiger is a task management software to keep track of the things that you need to do. Take Task Tiger for a test drive to see just how useful it can be!
Task Tiger Features:
1. Multiple Projects
2. Multiple Context
3. Supported Platform: Windows(x86) Dot NET 2.0

Task Filters based on:
* Status
* Owner(Delegates)
* Context
* Project
* Comments
* Due Date

The main window of task tiger is divided into multiple sections as labeled above.
1.Add task: Use this to add new tasks.
2.Filter: Use this to restrict the display to selected tasks you can use the first three check boxes to display any combinations of completed tasks, Active Tasks and Upcoming tasks.The remaining text boxes are to select a subset of tasks based on filtering criteria.
3.Status Update: To change the status of a task click on the corresponding status checkbox.
4.Project: This is the project to which the task belongs
5.Context: This is the context associated with the task. context can be the the category underwhich the task falls or the location where the task needs to be performed.
6.Due Date: The task should be completed before this date.
7.Owner: The person to whom this task has been delegated.
8.Task: Description of teh task being tracked.
9.Comments: This could be any notes that you want to associate with the task. e.g. pre-requisites, dependencies, successors, cause for delay etc.
10.Delete: Sometimes the task is no longer relavent. for e.g. the windows development team had an action item "Check for performance on vista capable machines before release" Now we know it cannot be marked as done and doing it now will not help...... Instead of marking it as done you can delete it to indicate that the task has not been done but is no longer relavent.

* NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this organizer software.

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